May 12, 2014– Candeais, BRAZIL (Semana 5) Dia das Maes

Oi familia!

Happy Belated dia das Maes to all!!! Mom, Chette, Grandmaaaaas, Aunties! Love you all. I am so excited to be a mom someday, the influence you have on us is HUGE! I love talking with other sisters and swapping stories of “my mom used to always say…..” haha it’s awesome.

It was SOOooOOOO good to talk to you guys yesterday even though it wasn’t long enough. Sad I couldn’t talk to Geoffrey but glad to hear he 1. Found menezes in the MTC haha that is AWESOME! and also that now his officially in Florianópolis!!! HUrray! COngrats smurf!  You all looked so great and sounds like everything is going well at home-always a huge blessing to know as a missionary. That all is well at home with the family. It makes it easier to focus here on the work. Speaking of which.
I AM GOING TO TRAIN!!! I got the call last night when I was talking to Mom, Greg, and Loren. 4 of us will be training new sisters that arrive tomorrow. So I don’t know who will be mine yet! President has to interview them and us and then pray to receive inspiration as to who should be put with who. So neat. So I know that even though I am a bit nervous because I only have 5 weeks in our area and am still trying to get to know everything/everyone there I can do this. I loveeeeeed training in Michigan. And I’ll finally have the chance to do the 12 week program they have for new missionaries and trainers ALL THE WAY THROUGH. I never was trained officially haha. My 1st President  in Michigan said I could do the program when I got to brazil and they could train me there.  In my first area in Michigan I was put in a trio and as a visa waiter just studied the language while Sister Thompson did training with our other companion sister Smithson. Then my visa still didn’t come, I got transferred to open a new area AND train Sister Tafua using the 12 week program (that I still had no clue about). Then only after 1 transfer with her I was sent to FINISH training Sister Lundgren (who was in the middle of training-6 weeks) and start training at the same time Sister Merrill who was brand new. Haha AND then after 9 weeks with them (juggling in between the different needs and experience that they had) my visa came. And here I never was trained officially again haha. So I finally will get to do 3 months (12 weeks) with ONE companion. We will be learning together. It’ll be nice to fresh up on the basics again. I haven’t watched “the district” in like a year.
Anyways we have some new investigators we found this week that we’re excited to work with. Sadly some we’ve been teaching are flaking out not coming to church so there is much work to be done. I’m trying to seek the Lord’s will in our area right now. What is it that He wants for His children in Candeias right now. Life as a missionary can be so overwhelming because there are SO many things to be done. Sometimes you really have to prioritize and organize because time is precious. I am not here to waste ANY of it.
Also this week Sister Duarte and I talked a lot about the things we’ve learned through out our missions and in the short time we had together (5 weeks-shorter transfer this time). I am so grateful for the peace that I feel knowing that I am a worthy servant of the Lord, and I feel his love and approval as I work among His children.
I love you all. This work is true! Catch the wave of righteousness and watch the Lord bless you abundantly 🙂
Com amor,
Sister McCleve

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