June 18, 2014–Candeais, BRAZIL (Temple)

Hey fam bam!

Wow this week has already been going by fast, I didn’t email monday because today is our temple/p-day. YESSSSS love the temple! Going to do my best to bullet point this letter.
So the world cup haha first of all in OUR mission (geoffrey/every other brazil mission) we cannot watch ANY of the games haha even president said he won’t watch. Takes us off focus. So what have we don’t instead stayed inside again….annoying but we have no one to teach during the games haha. We know what happens during because everyone starts screaming GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and fireworks start going off in all of the city haha. PRetty funny, some are SUPER loud, like a war outside our apartamento (not even kidding) haha. But looks like brazil and mexico tied, I guess they didn’t go into a shoot out? hmmm so that’s lame. But they did beat germany and also The US won too against ghana-SWEET! Maybe Brazil and the USA will play against each other….if we win (as in USA) I’ll probably be telling people I’m from germany or italy (people actually believe me so it works out) for my safety haha.
K so update AIlton wasn’t baptized last week because he had to work but this sunday he should be good to go! We went and taught his mom the restoration and she loved itttttt! Missionary work is sooo much easier and more effective when you have members involved (even though Ailton isn’t baptized yet he’s already acting as if he was encouraging his mom and reading the BOM with her!) That’s whats up!!
Also, so remember Alex and Jociane? She is a recent convert and they have 3 little kids….I think I’ve mentioned them…anyways they sometimes progress and sometimes don’t (that kind of situation) well Alex we hadn’t taught (he’s not a member yet) in a few weeks because after working with him for a while he wasn’t progressing at all 😦 not going to church, not reading, and sometimes praying…well we go to church on sunday and the whole family shows up (jociane hadn’t been in about a month). He comes up and starts talking to us and then tells us he wants to get a bishops interview..I’m thinking why??? ALEX you don’t have a desire to move forward. Or do you??? Well I’m standing there talking with them and the thought comes to me, show him the baptismal font. So we go in there and we start teaching Alex about baptism (he’s been taught many times before). He says “Sisters, I want to be baptized, I know I do, and I know I need to stop smoking”. Alex said the prayer and the spirit filled the room. I know he can be baptized this weekend, he just has to exercise his will to NOT SMOKE. That is seriously the only set back. It’s so funny because every time we consider….dropping this family because of flakiness (spelling?) something always happens where we just feel prompted to keep visiting and working with them. So please please please EVERYONE pray for alex to not smoke this week! I know once he is baptized and is confirmed that he will have baried that weapon of war and be blessed forever. So that being said we may have 2 baptisms this week, I am praying that we can. I am trying so hard to not lose faith because it’s difficult when you have so much but because of people always dropping out you start to doubt-satan. Also a tender mercy was Alexs friend Cleber who dropped in as we went back to teach him monday night saying “hey I was totally thinking this week that I need to quit smoking, Alex lets make a goal to quit together”. As simple as that seems I think that motivated alex to STICK to his goal. The most he’s gone without smoking is 4 days, today will be day 3…..I know he can. He wants to be baptized so bad. I think of how sad it is for someone who wants to follow Heavenly Father be trapped by some addiction that Satan created….where as other people who have no addictions, have no desire to follow the Savior, sad huh? I want to see him baptized before I go home. SIster Silva and I even fasted for an increase of our faith from HEavenly Father….really cool experience, I know fasting is real.
Also found a new couple this week knocking doors. Went back the next day taught the restoration and invited them to be baptized when they received an answer of the truthfulness of these things. He said “if I know that this is God’s church, for real, absolutely! I will be baptized”
Today we are going to the temple, we woke up at 4:30 this morning and got a ride from  sister in the ward, we got to the temple at 6:30 took photos, ate breakfast and did initiatories-SOOOOO COOL. I love the temple. Here in a little we’re going with our zone to do an endowment. Did I mention I love the temple? I want to go there once a week IF NOT MORE for the rest of my life….#goal. The peace and the spirit that is there is UNLIKE anything you can find here in this world. I love the temple is literally is the House of The Lord.
Everything is good with me. transfers are next week, most likely we’ll stay together and keep working here in Candeias. loving it. Tonight we have an FHE which should be sweet with some recent converts and a couple other couples in the ward, Alex and Jociane will come too!
Thank you all so much for your love!
love love love
Sister McCleve




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