July 28, 2014– Candeais, BRAZIL

Hey familia!

Well this week was pretty awesome, first of all we have a new family that we are teaching!
Sadly Marisa seems to be bailing on us…but we’ll keep trying SHE IS PREPARED!!!!
Also Giomar-another new investigator (who lost her husband to cancer about a year ago) we found this week! She is pretty neat, a cute lady with short black hair, glasses and lipstick like  Sister Mama Mayo(in michigan). I feel like she’s just the brazillian version of her, it’s funny when you find people in another country that remind you of someone back home. Crazy. I Miss the Mayo Family 🙂 Shout out. ANYWAYS going back, we taught Giomar the plan of salvation. She is still really sad and lonely missing her husband. She told us the following day that she dreamed about her husband for the 1st time since he passed away. She dreamt that he was happy and they were together, happy and healthy. She was shocked because she said she misses and thinks about him ALL the time but never dreams about him. She said she woke up that morning afeeling strong and courageous….that the Lord was there and hadn’t forgotten her. I love being able to witness these kind of moments. The Lord is aware of us, and I know that the restored gospel is true. She didn’t come to church sunday but we will keep working with her, hopefully she can come next week.
 Okay sooo our family we have. YES A FAMILY AHHHHHH! I think I may have mentioned them already….not sure but I’ll be quick. First of all the daughter  Fabiana (22) had been going to another ward with her member friend and was baptized there a few weeks ago. Her twin brother Fabio  has interest in the church and we began teaching him along with the rest of the family. Ailton He goes by Tito (like-Chee-toh haha) and his wife Fatima and their other son Neto. Tito drinks…a lot. He’s an alcoholic sadly and has a hard time recognizing that this problem is affecting his family. He is suppppppper funny and really nice. He just talks a lot hha. Fatima is catholic but not practicing, she appeared to be REALLY catholic in the beginning but I think she’s more of a catholic “because my parents were/we were raised catholic” sort of deal.  She wants more than anything for Tito to stop drinking so since Fabiana was baptized (the whole family went/watched her baptism) and we started coming she’s been becoming really receptive to us. I know she knows we can help Tito and of course the whole family. Well long story short they all went ot our ward sunday 🙂 and liked it a lot! Also Fabio accepted to be baptized this saturday!!! It’s hard because he works and studies but we will be following up and helping him as best we can. Fatima and Tito also accepted to pray about baptism in which they both said they will once they know that these things are true. We’re going to work with them, especially Tito….we are praying that he can overcome this addiction. I know the Lord will help him if he is willing!
Also this week the power went out in our area 2 times. Once was when we were out on the street, the elders told us we needed to go home and stay there because it’s not safe-obviously everything was black. The 2nd time was during a lesson….and WHERE WERE WE TEACHING THIS LESSON???? La na communidade!!!! Right in the middle of the favela hahaha. I was talking about….I don’t even remember, I think prayer, and all of a sudden shooooooooom everything shut down/went black haha. We finished our lesson with Nina-Luciclede (other investigators) and asked if they could walk us to the main road which they gladly did. We had to use our cell phone to light the street in front of us because we literally could NOT SEE anything haha. The power went out in about half of our mission that night. We lit our candles in our apartment and had a sleepover 🙂 Good times.
I hit my 16th month mark yesterday. Crazy. I’m not really trunky though…I’m the oldest missionary in my zone. Weird. I won’t dwell on the topic.
Welp love you all, transfers next week we’ll see what happens!
Love you
Sister McCleve
Classic church set up in our area...

Classic church set up in our area…

you just need some chairs and some sort of pulpit and someone who can yell really loud. Boom let's hear "da word" :)

you just need some chairs and some sort of pulpit and someone who can yell really loud. Boom let’s hear “da word”


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