July 21, 2014–Candeais, BRAZIL (Semana 14)

Hey family!
Well I am happy to announce that this week was MUCH better compared to last. I am hoping and praying that it will just continue to get better after that slump.

1st of all this week we had interviews with our beloved president Bigelow. The guy is a stud!!!!! I love him and Sister Bigelow so much. As I said with the previous week being particularily difficult I had quite a few things on my mind that I was anxious to discuss with president. I even had written them down in my planner and brought it with me into the interview ready to just spill everything onto the table. However as the interview began he looked at me and said “Let’s just talk, a nice little chat” haha his personality is really easy going and fun. You can tell he was a seminary teacher (very similar to my other president Gerber back in Detroit). It was incredible that within the first 3-5 minutes I could just feel that sweet, calming, wave of peace come over me. Fact.The spirit of Lord calms the troubled heart. A couple highlights/one liners I’d like to share 🙂

1. Satan is the master minipulator
2. Often we are trying to row with oars on a sail boat.
3. Let the Lord run your mission. Because He will if you LET Him (what President Henry B. Eyring told Pres. Bigelow in an interview after he was set apart as mission president)
4. It will always hurt when those you love don’t make the right choices.(recent converts,investigators etc.) But  you should never stop loving them. You may be disappointed in their choices, but never stop caring/close yourself off. When we begin to not care we should have a little red flag go up.
5. My success as a mission president is not measured by how many baptisms we have or # or stakes created while I’m here….it is measured/counted by how you missionaries are doing in your lives 20 years after you return home for your missions.
🙂 I didn’t even end up opening my planner. The Lord truly calls His servants to go and do exactly what is needed. Done deal.
2nd wonderful thing that happened was finding Marisa!!! We had been planning to work in ne part of our area that we normally don’t go to. As we left from lunch at a near by members home we said a prayer asking the Lord to guide us to find new investigators that are prepared. Long story short, the first door we knocked was Marisa. We taught her the plan of salvation with a little bit of the gospel of Jesus Christ ANDDDDD the Restoration. Normally lessons shouldn’t be longer than an hour TOPS so this went over a bit BUTTT it was fantastic!!! The spirit was TOTALLY guiding us. It was soooooo rad. She had so many great questions and we just kept answering and teaching her according to the promptings of the spirit. She is a widow and also lost her father and one of her sons all in the last few years. SO SAD. She lives alone and attends some baptist church but is REALLY interested. She’s done a lot of bible study groups/ministering activities in her church so she’s much more knowledge-able than the majority of the people we teach (that’s like a breath of fresh air). We came back the next day to see that she’d already read not just 1 but 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon we left with her. She didn’t understand the purpose of the BOM and why we need it with the bible. Sooooo we read 2nd Nefi 9 with her 🙂 Ha it was sweet. She says to us….”can I invite myself to come to your church?” HECK YA YOU CAN! 🙂 She went out of town this last weekend but said this upcoming sunday she’s coming to church. WOOOOOP! We are going to meet with her tomorrow 🙂 STOKED. The best part is…as she told the story of losing members of her family I felt impressed to tell her about Jorge and Valeria (a family who lost their son in a plane accident several years ago) and thought they could meet. As I began to tell her the names she finished my sentence saying “Valeria e Jorge? Eu conheco eles!” Turns out their sons studied together and after Valeria and Jorge lost their son just a year or 2 later Marisa lost hers….at this time they were less active in the church so Marisa didn’t know they were members. Now they are superrrrrrr strong/active. The Lord prepares people.I know she’s going to be baptized….she is SO prepared my goodness. I’ll keep you all posted but PLEASE pray she’ll come to church. Amen and Amen. 🙂
Some other cool little things happened but for the sake of time I’ll just share sunday’s bomb squad experience. Sunday was the Sister Sunday. Haha in sacrament meeting we gave talks and I sang I’ll go where you want me to go….
it was really awesome. Sister Silva’s talk was FREAKING AMAZING. I’m so proud of her. We are really bonding btw. I love her a lot. Sometimes we have our weaker moments but we let it go and move forward. Our companionship is really united I feel like. It’s awesome. I think we’ll probably stay together until I head home but MAYBE she’ll end up training because she’s such a studdddddd!
ANyways love you guys so much and thank you for all of your prayers, love and support. Things are looking up. We just need to get some people ON DATE for baptism!!!!!
Love love love and with gratitude to you all and especially to Nosso Pai Celestial
Sister McCleve
Candeias Sisters :)

Candeias Sisters 🙂

my desk

my desk

being cool with Silvinha :)

being cool with Silvinha 🙂

only in brazil would you find pão de queijo at a McDonalds hahaha sweeeet

only in brazil would you find pão de queijo at a McDonalds hahaha sweeeet

Pastel with Natalia :)

Pastel with Natalia 🙂

funzies a view of our area Candeias :)

funzies a view of our area Candeias 🙂








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