May 5, 2014 — Candeais, BRAZIL

Oiiiiii Familia!

Hey so this week was crazy with the weather. I heard that Recife has rain but not so much as we had this week. Streets flooding, coming home each night wet (if not soaked), mud/sand everywhere ahhhh but it is a bit cooler which is nice. Still humid though, so I’m still suffocating all the time πŸ™‚ ahaha I love it though. I will miss this place. I am really loving my area though I really hope I stay here till I finish the mission. That would be awesome, the ward IS THE BOMB! The members are sooooo friendly and always always willing to help. They don’t remember things when we ask sometimes but if we remind them things work out haha.
P-day after email we RAN in the rain to Natalias to have lunch with her and Rafa and then afterwards they played us songs and sang on the guitar together. THEY ARE SOOOO TALENTED! They harmonize super well and everything It reminded me sooo much of when Geoffrey and I would play and sing together back home. Rafa knew a lot of John Mayer, foo fighters and blink 182. I may or may not have sang along to a couple of them πŸ˜‰ That is one difficulty of being a missionary if you’re a music junky like me. But Mo-tab has been a blessing so I’m not complaining!
Also tuesday we went out to dinner for Duartes birthday at a Churrascaria in our area. AHHH it was DIVINE! I hadn’t been to one in like 5 months. I guess I thought people in Brazil eat at Churrascarias like every day like no big deal but I guess not haha. That’s funny Chris you mentioned you guys went to Tucanos haha I’m sure it was close but not the real deal πŸ˜‰ We’ll go there sometime and I’ll judge. But oh my gosh! Duarte can put it down! I guess in the south they eat a lot more meat than here in the nordeste haha so Duarte kept going when I had already stopped accepting more. They come around like every 2 minutes with a huge slab of meat (the smell is incredible) and you pick what part and they slice off a little piece depending on what you want. And then they just keep coming back and back an back. IT’s so rad. Loveeeeeee food πŸ™‚
So quick update with a obra! (the work!)
We have a newer investigator-Carlito who came to church sunday! WAHOO! he is reading and praying! He doesn’t officially live here though-bummer. He is currently staying with his son and his family. He lives down in Vitoria (more south in Brazil). We’re hoping that he’ll stay just a couple more weeks so we can work with him. He is so prepared! He already accepted to be baptized….but it’s going to be tricky. I know we needed to find him though. So we’ll see!
Also we have another Natalia haha who is the daughter of a Recent Convert named ANna. She has already been to church like 4 or 5 times and lovessss it! We’re going to try to mark her for baptism tonight when we go to follow up with her. She has a boyfriend she’s been dating for like 6 years… that could be an obstacle, but we have faith!!!
Alex and Jociane (hes a inv. and she’s a RC) we’re dropping for now because they just aren’t willing to progress. Alex even received a SWEET priesthood blessing (the spirit was sooooo strong) from our Zone Leaders who came and taught with us one day. But we came back the next day and he was smoking AGAIN. I know that Heavenly Father can perform miracles-no doubt. But if one isn’t willing to put forth some effort. FΓ© sem obras Γ© morte. So we’re praying for them. It’s so hard because I think about their 3 little kids 4,2 and 1 month old! They’re a family, but they aren’t willing to open their hearts, swallow their pride and HELP/SUPPORT one another. I wasn’t surprised when they told us they’d been fighting with one another. We really layed it into them talking about the importance of strengthening the family. How? Family Prayer! (even just one time each day at some point), reading the scriptures daily, and going to church. The primary answers yes-but they are essential. I thought a lot about my desire to always be a strength in my family now and in my own future family. I know that the little things are important. Expressing and showing our love NEVER go un-noticed. President Monson seems to always emphasize that in every talk he gives and especially this last conference this was a theme-LOVE!
Love is the most powerful force. It can soften hard hearts, change the diminished hope one may have and fill us with the spirit of the Lord.
AMOR AMOR AMOR this is also what we talked about sunday in our RS lesson. Funny because I goal I made this week was to get back on focusing my desire to LOVE. Love the area, love the people, the ward, my companion to LOVE THIS WORK! Why? Because it’s the Lord’s work. And I already love Him. I am here for Him. That has always been my reason to serve a mission, for Him.
Love you all!
Feliz Dias das Maes!!!
Sister McCleve
Four Sisters

Four Sisters

This is what happens when you forget your GUARDACHUVA-aka umbrella haha

This is what happens when you forget your GUARDACHUVA-aka umbrella haha

Natalia, Rafael and Sis Duarte

Natalia, Rafael and Sis Duarte

Rainy Day

Rainy Day


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