April 7, 2014 — Candaeis, BRAZIL — Transfer

Oi familia! 

I am a lot more peppy and excited than I was last p-day….Happy Monday to all. ANd I hope we all LOVED the words of the Lords servants we had the privelage to hear from this past weekend.
Fui transferida!

I was transferred to Candaeis (still in the city and on the beach) with a new companion Brazillian Sister Duarte. She’s 19, and has 1 less transfer out than I do on the mission. I am WAYYYY excited to work with her and be in a new area, new ward, NEW PEOPLE TO FIND TEACH AND BAPTIZE….will update more next week
Conference was amazing…..I left my note book at home butttttt I Loved the emphasis of defending the faith, trusting in God and having gratitude/being positive even in our difficulties we face so often in life.
I was laughing super hard when the Brazillian of the 70 Marcos Adukatais (spelling) said something like “It is trash….we shouldn’t rummage through trash” haha. I laughed so hard. But he made a great point there is a lot of junk out there…on my mission I have seen that more than ever. THeevidence of Satans existence and work he does. Let us keep to the straight an narrow and rummage around in trash. ALSO M. Russell Ballards talk about missionary work-Ohhh hey Preach My Gospel! Hop to it folks. If you want portuguese copies let me know and I’ll send them to you.
I’m nervous being in a new area…new comp. and all that jazz but I feel super pumped up to work work work and keep the work of salvation going here. I feel like the Lord is giving me a huge opportunity being here in this area at this time. More to learn for sure, but I’m excited. I only have like 5ish months left so it’s GO TIME.
I forgot my card reader so pics will have to wait till next week.
Miss and love you all but I am SO happy and grateful to be here participating in this work aqui em Brasil. Amo esta pais. 
Ate mais!
Com amor,
Sister McCleve

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