March 19, 2014 — Setabul, BRAZIL

Hey sooo the internet crashed here 😦 in the middle of emailing you guys so I have to make this way short.

I feel a lot of guilt weighing on me because I did NOT wear green this St. Patricks day ;( shame on Sister McCleve haha. They don’t celebrate it here but Pascoa-easter is in full mode. Still haven’t seen any cadbury mini eggs yet but mom said she sent some in a package-Obrigada 🙂

This week was swell.
Except for sunday morning which was solemn. Kind of scary there were 2 deaths on sunday. A shooting in the communidade where the majority of our investigators and recent converts live. So sad. The worst part is seeing families walking over with there kids (yes babies, infants, toddlers, EVERYONE) to go and see the dead bodies on the street…..I just can’t grasp it. My companion said growing up her mom would do the same thing. And today it still haunts her, she asked me how many dead people I’ve seen in my life to which I replied none. I guess the parents don’t think anything of it and then the children become accustomed to seeing these dead people everytime word spreads through the neighborhood that someone died. There were crowds of families as we walked past to go find out investigators to walk to church….my heart ached seeing the toddlers walking with there mom or dad towards the shooting site. Some things I just cannot understand.

On a lighter note we’ve had some sweet new investigators youth wise Tiago and Milena (15 years old) that we’re working with. Pretty awesome-they are rad! I feel like an efy counselor again with these youth-love it. I miss efy I want to pay for all of these kids to go some day. EFY is amazing. Also we’re finding LOTS of rapazes (teenage/young men) who an Elder Buerg a few years back apparently baptized and none of them have been back since. I want to have a chat with this elder…not sure if he was actually aware that these are souls we are saving…not just dunking people in water for funzies. Frustrating. But it gives us an opportunity to find more people to teach through references!
ALso Edelson gave his first talk on sunday! Soooo awesome! I will have to translate it for you all when I get home, no time agora.
Tender moment last night- I peeked in the yw’s room during an activity for personal progress and watched as Paloma was laughing and giggling with the other girls. It made me so happy seeing the joy in her face. I feel so blessed to have taught her and been there for her baptism. She will always have a very special place in my heart. Moments like these you can’t find unless you’re doing missionary work. That is the truth.

All in all I’m doing well. Can’t believe I hit my year mark next week! TOday we have the temple, tomorrow a mission conference, monday is my birthday and the 27th is my year mark ahhhhh! and april 5th and 6th is general conference-SOOOOO EXCITED BAHHHH!! 🙂
I love you all I hope you have a wonderful, miracle, spirit filled week.
Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers-had an awesome experience with that yesterday.

Com amor,
Sister McCleve (MC-Levee) haha another nickname. WIll send pictures next week!


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