Jan 27, 2014 — Setabul, BRAZIL

Hi family! 🙂 Hey I hit my 10th month mark today wooooooow. Crazy. Not even 8 left since I think we actually come home the week before so sept….16th ot 17th-BUT ANYWAYS lets not get trunky here haha 🙂

Ah this week was awesome!Seriously so much happens durring the week and often after leaving email I think ahhh darn I should’ve said this too or AH I forgot to tell them about this! But that’s okay. Someday you can all read my personal journal 😉 Haha there’s some fun there. Anyways my mind is buzzing!

1st of all I love my companion. She is awesome. I keep anticipating a break out with us or…well I don’t know. But she’s just awesome so I’m going to keep counting my blessings. I have no idea how long will stay together. Maybe the rest of our mission (we leave at the same time)!!!! Haha just kidding probably not. She’ll probably take over the area and I’ll go to my last area before heading out. You normally stay in an area for at LEAST 2 transfers minimum here….some sisters have 8-9 months in their areas-crazyyyyy.

We have new investigators we’re working with-always exciting. Rutheley, Hani (siblings 24/22) super awesome. And Auzira, Sebastão-a older couple that lives next door. Hani and Sebastão came to church on sunday!!!! All 3 hours! So awesome and so did one of our menos ativos (less active) Irmão paulo! EVERY week he says he’ll go and he finally came. I may or may not have emphasized to the world that I would be giving a talk and SINGING in sacrament on sunday. I was praying that we’d have 3 people at church as a minimum (we had counted on 7-10 showing up). BUT WE HAD 3!!!!! Paulo, Sebastão, and Hani!!!!! Seriously I know that doesn’t seem like much but man when people ACTUALLY come to church…and not just say they will. I don’t know but here in Brazil its a big deal. People love telling you they’ll come because they justtttt can’t say no. Haha or Si Deus quiser-if God wants. AHHHHHH!
Anyways we’re going to try and put them on date for baptism this week!

And yes I did give my first talk here in Brazil on missonary work but I based it off of Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk the Primeiro e Grande Mandamento that he gave last october conference. That we serve the Lord and preach His gospel why???? Because we love Him. That’s why I’m a missionary because I love the Lord and He’s asked me to serve Him as His emissary at this time in my life. I would hope that’s the motive for members to participate in missionary work too, not out of obligation but because they too love Jesus Christ. That’s the only reason we need, that is enough in and of itself. He is the reason. After my talk I sang O Senhor Meu Pastor É (The Lord is my Shepard). 1st time I sang alone in a sacrament meeting. I prayed so hard some hearts would be softened since this ward hasn’t always had great relationships with the missionaries. Sister Orr said 2 sisters came up to her after Sacrament asking for pass along cards to hand out- my prayers were answered.

There’s a lot of people we’re working with and it’s so awesome to see the light on peoples faces when we teach. I love knowing that we have the fullness of the gospel here on the earth. People can feel it when they really have a desire to know. I cannot deny that. I also cannot deny (and this has become a joke of mine that makes me laugh) Satan’s reality because EVERY time we try and teach the 1st vision or an invite for baptism or basically any time a person is about to take a step towards the Savior Satan tries to interfere. TRIES I say, because sometimes He wins, and othertimes He doesn’t. But we all know who in the end will win. “Who’s on the Lord’s side who? Now is the time to show!”…..the time is now people. As elder holland said in his talk Christ is asking us to; ” preach My gospel and defend my faith” I encourage you all to ask yourself who’s side are you on? And what are you doing to help combat the adversary in this battle?.
Vamos conseguir.
Com Amor,
Sister McCleve


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