Feb 3, 2014 — Setabul, BRAZIL

Ola minha familia linda!!!! Eu amo voces de mais….serio. Voces são otímo. Cheia de amor.

AH THE SEAHAWKS WONN!!!!!!! chyeaaaaaa 🙂

Oh my gosh. It’s so funny because all the brazillians here are getting stoked for the world cup this summer and so many stores are stocking up on Brazillian team gear CRAZY….while I’m here in the world of futebol (foo-chee-bol) futebol americano is going bonkers with the Seahawks taking it to the Broncos-destroyed. Love it. So bummed I couldn’t be there to support or watch. I LOVED your emails and LOVED hearing about the spirit in the PNW 🙂 I’m so proud. That’s what it’s all about baby. Never giving up. Never backing down. Even with losses and failures we keep going. It’s like the gospel 😉 Our mortal life is full of OPPOSITION and sometimes with our little mortal perspective things can seem grim…however every day the sun rises and has a new start, a new beginning…an opportunity for change. That being said, we never need to dwell on the negative. It’s always going to be there because it’s apart of our test outside of our Heavenly Father’s presence. So hey lets focus on the positive shall we? With that being said I’m now going to practice what I am preaching 😉 …..

So the challenges this week have consisted of trying to get people marked for baptism Sebastao, Auzira, Huge, Rani, Miguel-basically it’s not happening. People are progressing…reading, praying, going to church yes yes yes-awesome! But there seems to be gaps between this point and the step of making that promise with Heavenly Father by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God that is only found here in the Church of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ. It is difficult folks but at the same time I feel like SIster Montalvão and I are on the brink….the verge of many miracles to come. We continue to work work work. We feel your prayers and thank you. We’re in the grind (as dad always says) so I’ll keep you guys posted.

However I do want to talk about the little beam of light that entered my life a couple months ago. Edelson. Ah you guys, I wish you could all meet him. He was confirmed yesterday and also received the Aaronic priesthood. Awesome. During the fast and testimony meeting he got up and bore his testimony. It was beautiful and the spirit was so strong. I felt like a parent haha so proud and happy for him I cried (remember I told you guys during my mish I’ve cried more here than I have in my entire life haha I hope it quits when I get back). He even whipped out his Book of Mormon and quoted a scripture and made an application to his conversion with the scripture. Haha soooooo rad. Seriously, we’re gonna take him teaching with us- or at least we want to. HE IS HUNGRY for the GOSPEL TRUTH! It’s amazing to see the fire that burns in him, seriously. Not in a scary over-bearing way….simply a strong desire that he has to learn and to APPLY and LIVE what he learns. It’s like preach my gospel-live what you learn. Anyways we had an FHE with him last night at Irmão Cardoso (the member who introduced edelson to us) and what he said I will never forget. He shared with us how before he found the church that he had been trying his whole life to do what was right. To follow the will of the Lord (many times not knowing exactly how, what direction to go) and to be a good person. Many times he felt lost and confused and would beg God to have patience with him and forgive him of his faults so he could keep trying. Humility…humility…humility….he said that he had been praying and pleading with God daily to help save what he felt like was his lost soul. It was soon after that he got introduced to the restored gospel. It was soon after that Menezes and I received a phone call to go and teach him. It was soon after that he learned about the path back to our Heavenly Father. It was soon after that he felt the spirit confirm that for once in his life-He was not lost. It was soon after that he was baptized and confirmed….and soon after that HE KNEW he was making his way back to Heavenly Father.
He told us last night….”and after all of this…here I am now, with happiness and joy that I never knew of before. I am here.”

I was reading today in a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that the work we do as missionaries is the most sacred and holiest of all. That is the work of saving souls, the work of Salvation.

I want you all to know what a joy it is to be apart of this work. And I also want you to know that I know we don’t need a missionary tag to participate. We don’t need a special training or a certain time frame in the church to help our brothers and sisters come unto Christ (my companion 2 years-including 10 months on a mission), we need the Savior and the desire to do His will. If we have this…we can save souls. 🙂

I love you all. I love this work. And more than anything I love my Heavenly Father. How sweet it is to know that I am apart of something so sacred and holy….that we as members of the church of Jesus Christ have the privilege to perform a work so sacred. 🙂

With all my love,
Sister McCleve

Brazillian spirit-this is just a sample

Brazillian spirit-this is just a sample

Windy day at the Centro (where Recife started-historic Recife)

Windy day at the Centro (where Recife started-historic Recife)


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