Feb 17, 2014 — Setabul, BRAZIL

Boa Tarde Familia,

This week was slow…trying to find new people to teach to add to our teaching pool that will progress. One new investigator imparticular that I want to talk about is Sarlette-a cute older lady that lives in the communidade (favelas). We contacted her on the street and she said she’d come to church with us on sunday. She actually already knew one of the members in the ward that she was excited to see. She came, loved it and wants to be baptized. As we walked back with her to her house after church I asked her how she liked it/felt (I love asking this to people-it’s so amazing). She said “I adored it, all of it. I feel so good. Ever since you two girls came and talked to me that day I’ve felt better and better and I want more.” As we talked about the spirit and how he works and testifies to us in our hearts she said that she knew that these feelings were from the Savior and that she wants to keep following Him for the rest of her life. She doesn’t want to be in darkness anymore. So cute. I’ve been so humbled by the people I’ve taught and served with here. Many can’t read, don’t have luxuries- smart phones, laptops, cars, some have little or no education. And yet their hearts are so big and open. They just love. I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had here in Setubal for the last 3 months-I’ve heard and seen so much that has really changed my life. The Lord knows me, He knows us. He knew I needed to come here and have these experiences.

I want to say my heart is a little sad knowing that Grandpa Goodman passed away. I am so grateful that he and grandma came up for my farewell and setting apart. I am so grateful for the example he was of being someone so positive and loving. I always felt that every time we went down to california to visit. So much love. Especially because we were kind of adopted into the Davis family haha, I really felt like his grand daughter-that always meant so much to me. I am so grateful to know that he is working up in the spirit world sharing the gospel just like he did here on earth-well prepped I’d say 😉 Grandpa truly blessed many lives here on earth and will continue to do so until we see him again.

That being said how grateful I am to know that families can be together forever through the saving ordinances of the gospel that we have on the earth. In Matthew 16:19 we read; And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
How awesome is it to know that the KEYS of the holy priesthood have been restored to the earth through a prophet of God. And because of this we have the opportunity to be sealed as families on earth in the house of the Lord (the temple) that sealing will never be broken and we can be with our families for time and all eternity. I know because of this, I will see Grandpa Goodman again and the rest of my family 🙂 Interestingly enough I was listening to hymns this morning and the words played in my mind as I listened…:

Sweet is the peace the gospel brings
To seeking minds and true.
With light refulgent on its wings,
it clears the human view.

I truly feel at peace because of the gospel and I know that our view is so limited as mortal beings here on earth but because of the light of the gospel our perspectives are opened and we have a grander and more glorious view.

I love you all and praying for our family.
Com amor
Sister McCleve

Also....rain storm funzies and we didn't have umbrellas... haha

Also….rain storm funzies and we didn’t have umbrellas… haha

This is david (16) played pro. soccer in Argentina! We are going to start teaching him this week. He is a member reference!!! Awesome

This is david (16) played pro. soccer in Argentina! We are going to start teaching him this week. He is a member reference!!! Awesome

Here are the photos of my shoes.  They are awesome, but I need to break them in a little more.

Here are the photos of my shoes. They are awesome, but I need to break them in a little more.


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