Feb 10, 2014 — Setabul, BRAZIL

Ohhhh agente!
Okay quick funny story I wanted to share last week that I forgot about;
So sister M and I were walking and we passed a gas station and this older man 60’s waves us over. So we go up and I introduce myself like usual and my companion who I notice is a few feet behind me holding her ground appearing stiff. I turn back around to see him right up in my face and he says “You are very pretty, are you married? do you have kids? how many kids do you have?” I tell him no no and start talking to him about the church and how every sunday he can go and visit-he cuts me off again and says that he has a business that he runs and by doing so he is very rich and he would provide for me haha sister Montalvão then cuts him off and says ” ya, well actually her dad is also a very rich business man so this won’t impress her” hahaha and then he says that he also has a farm with MANY MANY Cows (apparently cows in brazil have a lot of value and signify wealth???) to which I could live with him on this farm and have a family with him. Sick. Once he started talking about cows I got lost haha he asked me where I was from and I said germany (for kicks). He tried to speak something and I just said Gutten tahg and we walked away. Hahaha ya I had to ask my companion afterwards exactly what happened. She told me “Wow sister, I love you, you are so dedicated….always trying to share the gospel even with crazy old bachelors” haaha. I should’ve known I was walking on ice when I noticed my companion keeping her distance from this hot shot. Oh well-good story for laughs right?

This week was sweeeet. Why? Because we had a miracle baptism. Yes. Miguel. Check this story out.
So 2 weeks ago we went to our zone meeting. And we decided we would have a fast for a sister in our zone who’s health was suffering so much that she was in the hospital-yikes. Sister Montalvão and I were already planning on fasting the next day for spiritual uplift and to help with the work (yes fasting definitely pulls down the powers of heaven if you’re worthy and giving your all to the Lord). So we ended up beginning our fast that day at the zone meeting. Literally 15 minutes after as we were walking back to go back to our area we get a phone call from a brother in the ward who called saying the following;”Hello sisters, I have a grandson that lives with me that I would like you to come and teach and baptize, when can you two come over and teach him?” Ya….HELLO PRAYERS ANSWERED!!!!! SInce that day we taught him (jan 28th) and he was baptized yesterday the 9th. Amazing. He is awesome. 16 years old, lives with his grandparents because his parents seperated and since then the relationship has been rough with them. His grandpa is an active member of the church, his grandma is a member of A Assembléia De Deus (basically an evangelical church that talks smack about us to everyone). Haha so it’s kind of a funny situation. Miguel visited MANY churches through out his life and never felt like any of them were right. He moved in with his grandparents and of course his grandma took him to church which he REALLY didn’t like (funny how that works) and still felt lost. He got the courage (he’s kind of shy) to go to church with his grandpa last week after we started teaching him and was baptized yesterday. So cool.

Basically 2 things I learned with the story of Miguel:
1. Member missionary work is possible and SO SWEET! Seriously this is the vision: Members find (yes I said it) people for the missionaries to teach (relatives, friends, co-workers etc.) people that they ALREADY have a connection with or even a stranger if was just someone they met recently etc. and then refer them to the missionaries who can “share a little more about what we believe, answer your questions or doubts you may have, share a message with your family that is really uplifting and edifying etc.”
2. Heavenly Father will provide a way. We didn’t have anyone that was really progressing or accepting the invitation for baptism at this time, and Heavenly Father brought us Miguel. This is the Lord’s work, and if we do it HIS way according to HIS will (or trying to at least because we’re not perfect instruments in His hands here people…) He will consecrate our efforts. Oh yes He will.

So please I encourage all of you to ponder about who you talk to about the church or maybe you never have and have wanted to. We don’t know who the Lord has prepared to to hear the gospel, but He is preparing the hearts of the children of men to hear our message. Believe it. And if you don’t, test it out for yourself. I challenge EACH of you to find someone (with prayer and thought) to give as a reference to your local missionaries. Heavenly Father isn’t just in need of His full time missionaries….He needs all of us to help in this work. When this happens….like this dear Irmão (brother) and us as the missionaries what happens? Another child of our Heavenly Father, Another brother or sister of us enters into the waters of baptism and receives the the joy of the everlasting gospel in their life. Maybe it won’t take just 2 weeks like Miguel but that doesn’t mean we give up. They are out there 🙂 The elect. It’s gatherin time people- lets hop to it!!

Sooooo. I am happy as a clam. Tired as a work horse. Strong as Moroni-haha just kidding I’m sure he was a tank. I’m the girl version, we’ll say that. 🙂

Love love love
Sister McCleve

Miguels Baptism!!!

Miguels Baptism!!!

Miguels Baptism!!!

Miguels Baptism!!!

He was dunked 3 times because his foot and then leg kept coming up out of the water haha

He was dunked 3 times because his foot and then leg kept coming up out of the water haha

I love his smiling expression "wait...again? how many sins do I need washed away??"

I love his smiling expression “wait…again? how many sins do I need washed away??”

He was SQUEAKY clean ;)

He was SQUEAKY clean 😉

The mission life.....exhausted

The mission life…..exhausted

Pictures from OLINDA

Pictures from OLINDA

Pictures from OLINDA

Pictures from OLINDA

Me and Elder Schenk! He finally got to Brazil after waiting....7 or 8 months. Hang in there Geoffrey!

Me and Elder Schenk! He finally got to Brazil after waiting….7 or 8 months. Hang in there Geoffrey!


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