January 8, 2014– Setabul, BRAZIL

Hey family! Sorry we are so pressed on time so I have to keep this short. Kind of a rough week..again haha but I am pushing through it. 

1st of all Idelson’s baptism fell through. His interview and everything went well but went when sunday rolled in he didn’t show up to church. We had a new investigator there too so I stayed at the chapel with her and sister Torres (the other sister we live with-there are 4 of us sisters that serve in the same ward) while Sister Menezes and Sister Orr went to try and get Idelson to the church. He claimed he was extremely sick. They couldn’t get him to come….I guess he’s just not ready? Fear….which is so sad. Satan is such a punk, of course he’d want us to be scared of stepping into the waters of baptism to become clean and born again commited to follow our Heavenly Father by keeping His commandments-right because that is such a bad/scary thing. Urggggh haha it’s so frustrating. Anyways hopefully he can be baptized this month still because he is prepared. We taught him the word of wisdom as he was drinking a cup of coffee and right then he went and dumped it down the drain. Pretty sweet-what faith. So anyways we’re not giving up on him, just needs more time I guess. 
Also we still haven’t had like any contact with Isabelle 😦 so sad. She still hasn’t been confirmed yet and to receive the gift of the holy ghost. Oh what a precious gift that truly is. Although we can be influenced by the spirit, the gift of the holy ghost truly is sacred and a guide for us em cada momento de nossa vidas. 
On the upscale, Paloma came to church on sunday-but she’s still grounded. I remember thinking how funny it was when we as kids would be grounded and mom would make us go to church (this was when I was a bit more rebellious) still even though we couldn’t go or do anything else haha. Originally Palomas mom said she couldn’t come to church or any of the activities but we explained the importance and the need for her to be there and participate to help her with the choices she’s making right now. So her mom finally agreed. However because of her bad behavior, I guess her mom is fed up and will be sending Paloma to go live with her aunt and uncle in the interior. Pretty sure we don’t have a chapel where she’s going so we’re praying somehow she can continue to stay on the path. I love the youth of the church, and it breaks my heart to see someone who has such a sweet desire to do what’s right but just needs good friends/role models to be around. This is why attending church, mutual, church dances, youth conference, EFY etc. are so important!!!!!! The youth are the future leaders and teachers of the church. I’ll stop ranting now. But I will just say that as a future mother and wife, I am more than set in doing EVERYTHING I can to raise my own children the best I can in righteousness. Obviously it’s a long haul, and no one is a perfect parent or child, but the gospel of Jesus Christ unites and binds families forever. He can give us the strength, patience and capacity to help every one of his children return back to him- including us as parents rearing up our children in the gospel. The family unit is central to Heavenly Father’s plan-Satan is very well aware of that. That being said….I hope we can all fortify ourselves individually entao podemos help our family members as well. 
I have to go. We’re off to the temple. It’s sister Menezes last p-day in the mission field. Next week is transfers! I will have a new companion! Maybe training….we’ll see.
amo voces de mais. Obrigada por seu apoio 🙂 Esta igreja é verdadeira
Sister McCleve

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