Jan 13, 2014–Setabul, BRAZIL

Hello family!

My mind is just a mess right now because of all the changes. I am feeling just a tad stressed with the transfer and SIster Menezes leaving, I feel like my trainer is leaving me to train….oh how I remember these feelings like it was yesterday (michigan) ANyways  This will have to be quick
1.New companion Sister Montalvão  from Coiaba Brazil (spelling?)she is a convert of 2 years and is the only active member in her family. She is awesome! She’s been out 9 months too so we’ll work well together.
2. Idelson will be baptized this sunday! He cameto our ward activity saturday and loved it. We asked for familias to bring pictures of what was most important to them. We put the pictures we brought up on the wall first showing the things of the world and transitioning into Christ being the center and through Him we can be happy. In our families, temple marriage, blessings of taking the sacrament and so on. Basically everything revolving around the atonement. We watched an awesome movie after wards and some scriptures sobre a Expiaçao and had a discussion of what was really most important. Pretty cool. Sadly like no one showed up but we still pulled it off. Pretty neat. I’ll attach pics
 Idelson was able to talk with the bishop and other members that were there. He seems more confident and welcomed now because well we’re having difficulties with this in our ward, so Hurray for fellowshipping 🙂 🙂
3. I learned some sweet things about repentance this week. Reading in D&C 6:32-37. Was a good wake up call for me. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Doubt not fear not! Seriously I want to explain more but I can’t ahhh.
I love you all. I am excited to work with my new companion, new transfer, new goals. I love changes-they bring new experiences, challenges which bring growth!
Com infinito amor,
Sister McCleve
Ward Activity

Ward Activity

Ward Activity

Ward Activity


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