Dec 9, 2013–Setabul, BRAZIL

Oh the weather outside is frightful…100% humidity is delightful 🙂

Olaaaa familia! Tudo bem!???
Yes my subject line is true-or at least I think so. It is hot and sizzling here in December-this Christmas weather will be frightful meaning I hope I don’t pass out from dehydration haha.
Sounds like everyone is doing just peachy. 🙂  Good-that is something really nice for a missionary because the work is hard as it is so knowing that everyone at home is doing well brings me a lot of pazzzz (peace). Amo voces.
So this week was very up/down like. Basically we find new people to teach and then when we go back to visit it’s impossible to get in contact again 😦 But then we find more new investigators to teach so it’s very exciting. All in all this week was rough-we worked and worked but things just didn’t seem to be rolling in our favor. I guess it was just one of those slower weeks in the mission that you get sometimes. I do have a couple experiences that I’ll share.
1. Juvanice-so we’ve taught Juvanice a few times. Very open receptive and has a strong belief in our Heavenly Father. We’ve invited her to church and to read the Book of Mormon but she still hasn’t done that. She accepted to be baptized when she receives her answer about whether the things we’ve taught are true or not. Which we know an answer will only come if she acts and does her part. Well, we went back to follow up with her AGAIN to see if she’d read the book of mormon  (I’m talking like…a page or 2). She told us that she had accepted Christ and is now Evangelical with her sister. She went to church with her sister and wanted to accept Christ there….yes, t’was a bit of surprise to us honestly haha. Thinking about it now makes me laugh-sorry. Anyways her sister (who is SUPER firm in her evangelical missionary  church) was standing next to her saying ” I know isn’t it great”!?you girls helped her hear the word of God and look how happy she is now, you two truly do so much good for everyone” hahahaha anyways it super awkward and my companion was so ticked haha.  But I know we were both praying in our hearts to be guided as to what we should do. And we ended up teaching them both about the Book of Mormon and inviting them both to read and pray about it being true. Which they both accepted so we’ll see. I must say that I’ve learned since coming on a mission how Satan is real and sneaky. Seriously, we had been teaching Juvanice and inviting her to keep commitments and she wasn’t following through with any of them. And then we come to find out she went to church out of the blue and accepted Jesus only after going to her sister’s church? I know if someone wants to know Christ and gain a testimony, or  just wants to know truth that they have to do their part. Read the book of Mormon and pray to GOD asking him. Not anyone else-only Him. Is this really true? Is this really from You like the bible? I want to know…I need to know…  I feel like it’s honestly a matter of actually having the will to do what it takes to know the truth of these things. To know the truth. And yet so many people aren’t willing to and then they’re lead away-lost. Like Lehi’s dream of those lost in the darkness or that wandered to the great and spacious building. 1st Nephi 8,11 -great chapters to study. I know if Juvanice really read and prayed about the Book of Mormon she would’ve not only accepted Christ but have a sincere desire to follow Him and learn more of Him.  There is power in the Book of Mormon. The power to touch hearts in a way that no other thing can. I’ve felt it numberless times in my life and it is another testimony to me that it truly is from our Heavenly Father. READ IT. Do your part and feel God’s love come more abundantly into your life 🙂
2. We found a new investigator yesterday through a personal but cool experience for me. So we couldn’t find anyone em casa yesterday. Everyone was gone or drinking in the streets-this is sunday in brazil for ya. So we prayed for motivation and guidance because things just seemed grim. We then decided to knock doors. First one we tried was a straight up rejection-the rudest I’ve had in a while…the thought then occured to me that maybe this was indicator that we shouldn’t knock doors after all. So I told Menezes we needed to pray again. We did and decided to contact a lady who was sitting close by. We walked closer and saw she was on the phone so we kept walking and ended up contacting another woman with 3 kids running around her. Long story short the woman didnt really listen but the other lady we had seen earlier came up to where we were teaching and sat in on the lesson. Her name is Isabelle and her and her husband (probably not legally married) split up 1 month ago. So it’s just her and daughter. When we offered to come teach her at her home this week she accepted quickly. And later said how excited/happy she was that we were going to come. I know she felt better after talking with us. How grateful I am to be an instrument in God’s hands and EVEN when things look grim we show our faith-keep going and see the blessings come.
Have to go!
Love you all!
Sister McCleve

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