Dec 30, 2013–Setabul, BRAZIL

9 months…Natal…wow

Oi familia!

Happy Belated Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR ALMOST. Can’t believe it’s going to be 2014-WEIRD. Time is flying. Hope everything else this week was fantastic for you!

Okay so skyping was awesome.oh my goodness seeing your faces was truly glorious. I am soooooo eternally grateful for the tecnhology we have today-what a blessing for us missionaries to have whether it be skyping our families or calling via phone to talk and hear your voices for Christmas. So nice. Difficult to be away from you but it at the same time it helps me to remember how important it is that I am here serving the Lord. I made my own sacrifices in my life to be here doing His work. Which really isn’t even a sacrifice if you really think about it-a privilege, blessing, opportunity of a lifetime. Again, my heart is full of gratitude and I love you all. I am SO grateful for the holidays we have to gather together with family and loved ones-what a wonderful tradition. I love it. You all looked so happy, healthy and bright. A huge blessing to me for not having to worry constantly about you guys seeing that you’re all doing so well. Sadly not all missionaries have that same blessing. My heart goes out to those missionaries serving away from their families who seem to be struggling at home. But the blessings that come from having a missionary serve in your family are real and they come. 🙂
This week we had a lot of almocos at members homes with all of the festitivities of Natal. We also had a zone meeting and didn’t a white elephant gift exchange. haha pretty funny. Afterwards we had a testimony meeting together and that was a special experience. It’s been a while since I had one with other missionaries. I felt like we did that a lot in Michigan-miss that. I know that when we share our testimonies with others we strengthen one another. The spirit is felt and our desire to strengthen our own testimony is stronger. Love that.
We also will have another baptism this sunday. We have a new investigator-Idelson who was a reference from a member. He is AWESOME. 50’s, VERRRRRRY chatty/intelligent (more chatty than me and that’s saying something) and really wants to follow the rules. He really respected our religion more and more as he learned how we really value the family unit. And that we know that families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan. He basically said 1st, “So Sisters I want to be baptized.. I just have a few questions first and then I would like to be baptized because I want to be a mormon is that okay?” hahaha. Bless his heart.
Something else I was thinking about He also said “now I want the truth when I ask my questions, no lies, just the truth. I want to feel that this is right.”-FEEL THAT THIS IS RIGHT!?? Hellllllllo! How cool is that? Not what is convenient, not what is cool, not what is popular etc. No…he wants to feel that this is RIGHT. I can’t express what a blessing it is to be a Missionary in Christ’s church. I have no doubts, worries, lies, or hestitancies when people ask me for the truth. I’m giving it to them. That’s all I have to give. I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I am here to preach HIS restored gospel. It is truth, the truth in it’s fullness. I know without a doubt that what I am teaching is true, that what I invite investigators to do-read and pray and come to church is how they can know and FEEL that these things are indeed from Heavely Father. It always goes back to that. Many people look to their books, internet, friends, collegues, pastors, teachers etc. for answers. Why not ask the Father of Truth, peace, purity. If we pray and ask God He will answer us. James 1:5. And of course with Moroni’s promise in the Book of Mormon we know that having ask with a sincere heart and real intent having faith in Christ, the truth will be manifested unto us by the power of the holy ghost. And by the power of the holy ghost we can know the TRUTH of all things. Moroni 10:3-5. I can know, Idelson can know, and you can know 🙂 Heavenly Father is always there waiting for us to take that step towards him through that sacred communication we call prayer.
Love you all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Sister McCleve

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