Dec 23, 2013–Setabul, BRAZIL

All I want for Christmas is a BATISMO! 🙂

Yes. It happened. Isabele was baptized yesterday and said she felt clean, relieved and full of peace. YESSSSS 🙂 Pictures attached. Her daughter Anna Luiza (5) is adorable. Seeing her reminds me of Livy-sniff sniff. Mas tudo bem. It is the most rewarding, amazing, joyful event to see someone enter into the waters of Baptism. How eternally grateful I am to be apart of that. I love the work of Salvation-there is nothing like it.

That being said I got to see Camilla last week (the girl we baptized in Boa Viagem) at stake conference-such a happy reunion. And Paloma this week too. I love seeing these girls happy when they make good choices and continue to learn and progress in the gospel. Baptism is just the beginning. We always learning and growing! 🙂
Last night was very special, we had a Christmas devotional for the stake. And I sang What Child is This? in a duet with a member in the stake. It was SUPER high for me-and they asked me to sing because someone else bailed last minute. So you could say I was a tad nervous but it went well. Heavenly Father blessed me to sing, and get the timing right (in portuguese it was a little different). There were some awesome Christmas hymns sung and stories shared in the spirit of Christmas. I was really grateful for that because it REALLY does not feel like Christmas. The weather, smells and music make a HUGE difference mentally preparing one’s heart and mind for this very special time of the year. But even so, we shouldn’t wait until Christmas to think MORE about the Savior, to be a little MORE charitable, a little LESS self centered etc. no, we should be trying to think of and follow him more and more every day. 🙂
With that I’ll leave you with a Feliz Natal. Remember why we have Christmas. CHRIST-mas. He is the reason for the season. Think about what you want to give HIM for Christmas. Not materialstic, but with our hearts….what do you want to give to the Savior this Christmas?
I am so eternally grateful for your love and support. For the letters, packages, emails, inspiring words and thoughts. It has enriched my mission experience completely. Thank you.
Love you all e com amor
Sister McCleve
Isabele was baptized

Isabele was baptized

Isabele was baptized

Isabele was baptized

Isabele's daughter

Isabele’s daughter

The three of us

The three of us


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