Sept 23, 2013–MI

Hi family!
Here are a couple highlights from this week.We tracted into a new investigator this week. We were going to stop by a less active who wasn’t home so we decided to just keep tracting in her apartment complex. We then knocked on John’s door. We told him we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sharing a message about Jesus Christ and how He can bless us. He then responded by saying; “Well how does this work? do I call you or do you give me some material?”. We responded by telling him we’d love to share it with him right then so he invited us in and we taught him the restoration lesson. He was very receptive and quite curious. He reads the bible each day (about a chapter) and he grew up catholic but hasn’t been super into church lately. He had a good friend that was LDS who he really respected and so he had a bit of background on the church. He was firing off questions to us that we answered-not contentious at all and it lead us right into teaching him the restoration. It was awesome. The spirit was there and I knew he felt it. He invited us back to teach him more which we did and we’re going back on friday. He has a daughter that walked in when we met the 2nd time and she didn’t seem very happy about us meeting with him. She’s not religious but “spiritual” she told us and ONLY reads the bible and that titles don’t matter (I’m seeing a pattern of Michiganders with this mentality). She asked what was different about our church and I told her that we have a prophet on the earth today who has the priesthood authority of God. She then argued that she had pastors that she listened to and I asked her where their authority came from. She paused for a moment, averted her eyes and hastily said “Well I just read the bible anyways and focus on having a relationship with Jesus Christ”. I responded  agreeing that having a relationship with Christ is so important also stating that the Book of Mormon was another testament of Jesus Christ and that our church is centered on Jesus Christ and His teachings. It was actually kind of funny, she seemed surprised, but still displeased. But anyways we’re praying that John will still want to meet friday and that his daughter won’t feed him some anti stuff by then or something like that. He is very receptive and prepared really searching for truth. We find new investigators-have an awesome lesson and then they drop off the face of the earth so we’re really hoping that we can actually keep meeting with John. Hopefully!

We met with Tenisha again this week-I love that lady so much. We watch the restoration movie with her and read out of the Book of Mormon. It breaks my heart that she too believes that we’re all the same and that titles don’t matter/there isn’t one true church. It’s been SO difficult with her- up and down. She is so receptive and yet won’t let go of this mentality of everyone being the same. I think it’s just going to take time with her. The more she learns about the church-general conference, family history, relief society, YM/YW programs etc. She absolutely loves it. She’s going to come to the I’m A Mormon fireside on thursday, the RS broadcast, a RS activity and then wants to watch general conference too. The priesthood seems to be her struggle-again going back to how she believes we’re all the same. But we pray for her and we’re going to keep meeting with her. I know she’s going to realize that there is one true church on the church-with it’s FULNESS. She’s so funny because she already believes in Joseph Smith and the BOM because of the spirit she feels from us sisters.  But I know once she actually READS it and prays about it that’ll help her to see that this church is different. Not because of all the programs and organization but that it’s Christ’s very same church in these latter days. It always goes back to reading and praying about the Book Of Mormon-it is the keystone of our religion.If people (Tenisha included) would just read that book-not skim but actually read it and pray to know if it’s true then they WILL receive an answer. It’s so simple! Anyways I need to get a picture with Tenisha to show you. I wish you all could meet her. I know that part of me coming to Michigan was to meet and start teaching her. I know that in the Lord’s way and time she’ll come to know that it’s all true. I have so much love for her and so badly desire for her to partake of the light and joy that comes from living the gospel. She gets up everyday at like 4:3/5:00 in the morning to listen to different gospel stations and watches different pastors to “feed her spirit”. And on sundays she goes to about 3-4 different churches depending on how tired she is ha ha she’s dedicated. She calls us her little angels, that or “Hey it’s my sistahs!”. You are going to meet her someday, she said that we’re her friends for life and that includes our families so don’t be surprised if she comes to stay at our house someday haha 🙂

I’ve been learning a lot about the atonement this week…life lessons…hardships…tests. I think I’m in a slump in my mission I’ve been out 6 months now and it can be difficult when you work your tail off and you feel like you’re not having any success. However, if the Lord wanted everyone that we talked to to get baptized, He’d make it happen. But our Heavenly Father has so much love for us that we get to choose what road we’ll take. And that includes those that we come in contact with. I feel like he’s just grinning at me saying “Yes kenz, this is hard but I know you can do it. And I trust you to do it. So keep going and do it.” I am His servant and even though right now you could say I’m at a low internally on the missionary front, I’ve just got to put my shoulder to the wheel and push along. Visa or no visa, rejections or rejections, baptisms or no baptisms this sister is going to push not by myself but with the Lord beside me because He’s there. In this month’s ensign Brother Brad Wilcox has a talk “His Grace is Sufficient” and he emphasizes that the Lord is pulling with us. We don’t do all we can and THEN He comes to make up the difference, no-He makes all the difference and is always with us if we choose to invite Him.

So that is my letter/spiritual thought for you all. Push as the Lord pulls with you.

Sister McCleve


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