Sept 2, 2013–MI

We went to a tiger's game this week

We went to a tiger’s game this week

Hi!!!  Happy Labor day!
Okay no time so this will be a funzy bullet point form letter. Sorry to disappoint but it sounds like most people don’t read my whole emails because they’re so long haha. I’m preserving my writings for wise purposes in God okay!?? haha
1. Happy Birthday Shmurf! You’re 19! Hurray. Can’t believe you’re a missionary now-so weird seeing you with a tag on and suit. Love it. Love you!
2. There’s a Winco in bellingham!??? Since when!? I love Winco! I thought it was just an Idaho thing-stoked! When I get home many shopping trips to be made there 🙂
3. Congrats on the Honeymoon Loren and Taryn and Tat & Josh on the wedding. Wow the two oldest grandkids on the McCleve/Brenchley sides are married. Look’s like I’m next huh? Along with Carson….haha we’ll see who wins.
4. This week was busy! We had new missionary training meeting-talked a lot about calling people to repentance (our purpose) and serving with ALL our heart might mind and strength. We had exchanges the next day too! And we went to a tigers game for a p-day activity with some YSA’s and other elders in our district. They won-walk off bottom of the 9th ahhhhhhh so rad. That’s like the 3rd time I’ve seen that happen. I love baseball games.
5. We found a new investigator this week! his name is Carlos and we found him tracting-super long story but basically the Lord works in mysterious ways and everything HAPPENS FOR A REASON! We are meeting with him again this friday. Taught him the rest., accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Said he’s looking for truth and understands the need for a prophet on the earth today! He had a really good LDS friend who took him to church once and he really liked it, but he lost contact with him. Pray for CARLOS! 🙂
6. I had an awesome experience this week on exchanges. Sister Fisher and I were tracting (we only had like 45 minutes). We were going to knock on this house and I saw a man up the sidewalk walking towards us…I asked sister fisher if she wanted to talk to him (I don’t know why but contacting scares me more than tracting haha-weird I know) and she said sure. So we continued walking towards him and I waved but I don’t think he saw, we kept walking and as he passed us (he seemed like he was in a hurry) I greeted him and he responded saying hi and then I nervously asked/said something like “uhhh….So are you just ya know…walking through on the sidewalk today?” -MOST AWKWARD/OBVIOUS/RIDICULOUS question hahaha Seriously any american would’ve been like “uhh what?” but he wasn’t!
He didn’t seemed phased by my awkwardness that was beaming from me and said “ya I’m walking to class, I’m a student” I asked then if he was from around here and he said no that he just got here this week and he’s actually from…..BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!! my jaw dropped and then I asked “Voce fala portugueus?” “Sim, falo portuguese.” I WAS SO EXCITED! I got to contact in portuguese! Just like I would if I was in Recife! I talked to him about our church and the book of mormon and bore my testimony and asked him about his faith and all these awesome things. His name is Alex from right by Sao Paulo. He’s here for a year to attend a technical university. He’s 20 and he wants to know more. Sadly he just ordered his phone and it doesn’t come till sometime this week :/ So I gave him our number, told him all about the singles ward including sofia (YSA from brazil-she helps me practice sometimes, love her) and he was really excited. He said once he got his phone he’d call or text us and he said he’d go onto and all that. ugh I was so sad we couldn’t get a number but I’m praying that he’ll call. Just like in the movie The Best 2 years where elder Calhoun is praying “And father, please bless that that man will call”—ring! ring ring! answers the phone “it’s him”-the Hallelujah chorus starts playing haha. But really it was such a cool experience. A huge tender mercy for me to be able to teach in portuguese even though minha linga is soooo bad. Sister fisher said she stood and watched because she didn’t understand anything we were saying but she noticed something cool. As soon as I approached him he looked sort of alarmed-no wonder, some awkward white girl in a skirt comes up asking you if you’re walking on the sidewalk??? really kenz??? haha But as soon as I started speaking to him in portuguese sister Fisher noticed his whole demeanor change. And that he was really listening and seemed to feel the importance of the message I was sharing with him. Even as I bore testimony to him of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, the spirit was there and I know he felt it.
I was so deeply humbled and grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me have that experience. Maybe that’s why I needed to learn some portuguese and then come to MI- I have no idea. But I know that thie is the Lord’s work and I’m planting seeds everyday. I mean what if I would’ve walked by him, because he was walking rather fast and sister Fisher kept walking thinking he wasn’t going to stop. He was already behind us as I asked him my awkward question (ha ha) but he did stop. And the fact that he’s from Brazil? and that he just got there that week? Oh and I almost forgot. I asked him if he believes that everything happens for a reason to which he said he did. And then he said “so far when I’ve walked to class, I go right and go on a little different route but today I decided to go left for some reason which took me this way”. Awesome. Sister Fisher took a picture of us so I’ll send that next week when I get a chance.
This is the Lord’s work. I love it.
Eu te amo voces.
Sister McCleve




Tiger's game

Tiger’s game


They won- bottom of the 9th-WALK OFF! Loren would've loved to be there. Go tigers :)

They won- bottom of the 9th-WALK OFF! Loren would’ve loved to be there. Go tigers 🙂


Tiger's game

Tiger’s game


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