Oct 7, 2013–Recife, BRAZIL

Oi familia! tudo bem!?

Yes it happened I am finally here and dont have NEARLY as much time as I would like to write you but I will try to be quick and detailed.

1st of all-my head hurts each day but I sleep like a baby because of alllll the portuguese that I try to understand and speak haha wlike 10x more then the MTC so geoffrey and preston look out haha you’ve got another thing comin 🙂 its awesome though. People are patient with me and members especially will slow down because they really want me to learn. It’s quite cute actually. I love the people here. Just wish I could understand them-super frustrating oh my goodness. Hasn’t even been a full week yet so I need to (calmo) as my companion wqould say.

speaking of which..

2- I AM NOT TRAINING! haha its weird. But I’m still working hard and trying to pitch in what I can. My trainer is Sister Massagardi from Sao Paulo she’s 38 years old. She is awesome and sooo patient with me hahaha I feel so bad constantly asking her que significa? como se diz!? over and over again. She is a great missionary from what I’ve seen. We are in a tough area. Boa Viagem in Recife. We live with another companionship Sister Maxwell from Michigan (samestake of my last area bloomfield) but she goes home in dec. so her portugues is way good.She helps me a lot around the house haha. Her companion is a native as well Sister lima from Sao paulo also. Sister MAssargardi has been out 8 months so far. She is supposed to do the 12 week program with me so we’ll have at least 2 transfers together here in boa viagem-sweet. Hopefully by the time she leaves (i’ll probably stay) I can SPEAK FLUENTLY if not perfectly haha

3 I am in the city! And there is a lot of poverty and also rich people here. We live across the street from the praia (beach) soooooo beautiful its insane, we can’t swim of course but there are sharks anyways so nobody really does haha. The food is amazing of course. I still dont like the coke here (everyone claims coca cola here is better than the states but I still think its gross. ) Havent gotten sick yet, just a lot of mosquito bites (you never even see them-so annoying) that you wake up with randomly. The members here feed us almoco (lunch) pretty much every day. Lunch is the big meal here not breakfast or dinner.

4 We have A LOT of investigators but none are really progressing-brazilados (brazillians) are NOT commitment keepers or at least they’re not used to it anyways haha so its difficult. The ward is small, and we need to strengthen the trust with the members because of course there were some bad missionaries here-slackers. The members are not supportive at all of missionary work besides feeding us sooooo….going to work on that.

The hardest part so far is not knowing the languagew because I want to be able to see where theswe people are at ask them questions and understand them. But I can’t really yet. Each day I learn more but i have a long way to go. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for me to learn portuguese so I can help these people both; membros, menos ativos e pesquisadores tambem. I know I can do so much but I feel like I am limited because o the language- it is SO frustrating. I have come a lot closer to the Lord because of it though. I hope my enthusiasm that I have always had will spark something in the members of the ward and with our investigators. I kinda feel like the area is dead….1st impression though.

I am so grateful to be here though really I cant believe I am finally here. I know I have so much to do-president made that clear but I am for once needing to step back and learn and watch my trainer (it’s been a while since I have been in such a position as you can imagine).

I love you all so much and I love the gospel. I got to watch conference in english on the 1st floor of the stake center with some other americanos (some elders and sister orr!) LOVED conference. i loved pres eyrings quote-there is joy guaranteed for the faithful. utchdorf-Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Elder Holland- hope is never lost. fix what you can if those are only small victories and be gateful for tem and be patient.

I have to go so sorry-this keyboard is really cruddy. Ill send pics when I can!

know that I am happy and challenged (dad I know you appreciate that) haha I continue to think that someday my mission will get easy HAHA nope. Never but that’s the best part is that with the Lord we can continue on. FOrward, pressing forward!


Sister McCleve

Em anexo a nossa foto do aeroporto.

Em anexo a nossa foto do aeroporto.

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Mission logo


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