Oct 28, 2013–Boa Viagem, BRAZIL

Oi Minha família! Como vocês estão?
I love you all. Just wanted to say I loved getting your e-mails and even letters from the Goodman’s, Mattie and my friend Erika from Michigan. Thank you! Getting mail is the greatest on the mission, that and milagres (miracles) :).
I am having a hard time thinking about this week-it was a blur. Nothing HUGE happened besides the other sisters getting robbed at gun point the other night. They were jumped by some 13/14 year olds that snuck up behind them when they were leaving their área to come home. They grabbed  their back packs saying to give it all over. The sisters saw the gun and slipped off the backpacks and the boys ran off. Sister Maxwell said she yelled after them “I only have a bible!” hahaha. No one was hurt and the sisters felt completely calm during the robbery. We are protected as servants of the Lord, that’s all I can say.
Thinking….the language is coming along better. I can understand more! but other times I still feel like I no nothing-thank you diferente accents! ARGH! haha
  Camilla’s baptism is still on for this sunday after church! We are so excited she is awesome. I love her so much. We went and talked with her more about baptism and the baptismal interview questions and she is so prepared. She is so cute, as we asked her about the questions she pulled out a notebook and began writing them down to think about them later haha. She’s been listening to church music at home too when she cleans the house. 🙂 It’s amazing to me to see someone so lit up by the gospel. Here is a girl thats 14, no parentes, goes to school and Works at the apartment she lives in everyday while watching/taking care of her cousin (son of the aunt she lives with). It’s amazing. She is so happy and eager to come to church and to learn more about the gospel. I continue to see in the lives of the members here such Faith and dedication to the gospel and the happiness that it brings.
For example, a member of our bishopric lives in a favela, and the Bishop himself doesn’t even have a car. We had almoço (lunch) at their casa yesterday and he rode home on his bike which is CAKED in rust and super beat up. Humbling? Yes. Com certeza.
I was actually Reading this morning about Faith with the Brother of Jared in Ether. Love that story. I find it so sad that we live in a world of disbelief as a whole. I feel like there is so much negativity and doubt that swarms around us, I know as a missionary I have definitely felt that from the adversary. So my piece of advice and wisdom is to do what presidente Utchdorf asked of us this last conference. “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your Faith!”. Just believe, just hope, just nourish that Faith you do have or a desire to believe (alma 32) and watch the Lord strengthen it. I know every time we try to draw closer to Him He truly does draw closer to us. I feel so blessed in my own Family to have a Father that I know would never turn me away, never ever. And so it was with our Heavenly Father how He bades us to come unto Him and feel of His love. We must trust Him and believe in Him even if that’s all we can do at the time.
I LOVE the message that we bring to people. A message of hope. Truth that change can happen and that wounds can be healed, a message that brings a light to illuminate the darkened past that many feel will remain that way. I honestly wish everyone we teach and find could instantly understand and feel what I feel about this gospel. And that I am contente and happy because I know who my Heavenly Father is, and I am His daughter who WILL return to Him again because of the light that has illuminated me. I know this gospel is true. It is the same everywhere around the world because it is CHRIST’s very same gospel. Purê and true.
Eu amo vocês.
Remember to just believe. Mosiah 4:9 (9-12)
Sister McCleve

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