Oct 1, 2013–Recife, BRAZIL

Hey  familia! Ah I’m here and alive just getting a quick chance to email. It’s beautiful here! Don’t know where I am going yet 9area wise) but I am so so so excited. I guess you will all have to wait till next pday to hear from me. sorry 😦 also, we only get 45 minutes to email here each week because we have internet cafes mostly and time is limited so I’m not going to be able to write you individually as often. I am sooo sorry. But rules are rules and I am going to be obedient 🙂 I love you all and am SO EXCITED TO BE HERE! Missing michigan-weird adjusting but it feels so good and right to be here. The Lord has prepped me for this. Another challenge-language but the work ethic is there to push me along. Love you all so much. It would help if when you write to simply update me on whats going on. That way I can read and TRY to respond but if not I at least know how you”re all doing. I love speaking my broken portuguese so far haha I can’t wait for this language learning grind-my brain is exploding from talking and hearing portuguese after the famine haha I am soooooo loving it though. I am so happy. ah. AND EXCITED! did I mention that already? the mission seems a lot more rule-oriented compared to my last mission. But nothing too extremeplus-it’s up to president so I just obey what he wants. I will tell you all about my experience here next week!

xoxo por Minha compainheiras- continuar trabalhar ardualmente! eu te amo!

Sister McCleve
Oi! k heres the address for the mish office agora 🙂

dont know where im going yet so ill get you that address eventually.
Sister Mackenzie McCleve
Brazil Recife Mission
Rua das Nifas 30
Boa Vista Recife Pernambuco

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