August 26, 2013–MI

I love you all! I LOVED THE WEDDING PICTURES. Ah so sad I wasn’t there but just like you’ve said, we’re out where we’re supposed to be right now serving da Lord 😉 Congrats Loren and Taryn my sister in law who I’ll meet someday ha ha.
Okay this week was greatttttt, more specifically this weekend. I’m just going to forward you what I emailed president because it’d be easier 🙂
This week we went tracting and met a couple of potential investigators. We ran into them as YET another answer to our prayers. We asked the Lord to guide us to who needed to hear out message. An appointment fell through and we went tracting in this neighborhood-ran into a guy named kevin and a woman a few doors down named Mary. Both interested and even though we’re not sure if they want to have lessons-seeds were planted. We gave Kevin a BOM because he wanted some “material” to read ha ha. He was actually a history major so he was intrigued to hear that the Book of Mormon is not an autobiography of Joseph Smith ….man the things people hear-it baffles me. Just to clarify the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. 🙂 A record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the americas-uh huh.. ya, like a STORY. And contains as does the bible, the fulness of the everlasting gospel. -BOM introduction page.
We went to Henry Ford’s Green Field Village for a P-day activity with Sister Mayo. Google it-it’s pretty sweet, reminded me a lot of Nauvoo except for the model T’s driving around. So rad.  We had more training this week too of working with members. MUITO IMPORTANTE.
Okay letter to pres. here ya go 🙂
This weekend was FANTASTIC! Ah I’m so excited. So we have an investigator we tracted into a couple weeks ago, her name is Tenisha. Sister Lundgren and Mecham had taught her the restoration while we were on exchanges and then this week us 3 taught her The Plan of Salvation. Ahhh sweet story. So we had texted her to confirm the appt. earlier and she never responded so we drove out to her house to meet anyways. We drove by and we noticed her outside talking to a friend, she look kind of frustrated. As we drove past her she waved but kind of rolled her eyes….she didn’t seem thrilled to see us. Weird. We parked the car and said a prayer and walked over to her and her friend. She said to her friend “Oh hey, these are my girls, the sisters let me introduce you to my friend Lisa” we talked to her a bit. And Tenisha explained that this week she was in a financial struggle that was out of her control and was now behind-she was super mad. As we continued to talk we told her that we have another lesson that could help and thankfully she said “okay ya, lets do it”. So her friend left for work and we went in and taught her the plan. IT WENT SO AWESOME! By the end of the lesson she was saying “man, I’m so glad you girls came back, I was so mad earlier that I would’ve texted ya’ll and cancelled because I wouldn’t have wanted you to be around when I was in such a bad mood but then I totally forgot about the appointment so I didn’t and You came and I feel so much better, it’s amazing!!” She was so happy. She was super receptive and loved the pre-earth life especially. She said she had always believed that God had to know us before and that we chose to come here. She was intrigued by the spirit world but again really open to that as well. The degree’s of Glory seemed a little different for her but still she said she wants to just soak it in and keep thinking/studying and praying about it all. We went on at the end to stating our purpose and as soon as we said baptism she said “Oh I want to get baptized…I’ve never been baptized and I’ve been wanting to all my life” She asked us more about it and we explained about the ordinance of baptism performed by the priesthood authority. And that it wasn’t just one act but a covenant that we make with Heavenly Father that is eternal. We extended to her “as you come to know these things are true…will you be baptized” and she said “Ya, I’ll go jump in the pool, ya’ll can take me out back and we can do that” ha ha. She is so prepared but we want her to see that baptism is a commitment. It is the first step to eternal life which is where we’re all heading towards! We did invite her to church and she came! We texted a bunch of members earlier to invite them to sit in on gospel principles class since our WML wasn’t going to be there and another ward missionary. It was awesome. ALL of the members we texted responded by coming to the class and gave incredible insights as well. Seriously it was amazing. Best gospel principles class I’ve ever experienced. Even Tenisha felt comfortable enough to answer questions and to make comments. She was planning on just staying for that 2nd hour but then we invited her to relief society and she agreed to come as we walked over a member (Sister Knight) stopped us and began talking. Introduced herself to Tenisha sweetly and asked “hey are you guys meeting this week for a lesson? why don’t you come over to our house for dinner and we could have a lesson there too, what do you think Tenisha?” Tenisha graciously agreed and said “thank you so much for the invitation I’d love that” AHHHHH! My heart was so full. MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!!!! We then went to relief society and sat next to Sister Knight who did a great job of fellowshipping Tenisha. She shared her ipad with her so she could follow along in the lesson. It was such an answer to our prayers because Tenisha is 38 and yet she looks and acts like she’s 26/27 (not immature just fun and spunky-single). We had been trying to brainstorm members for fellowshipping and we didn’t really consider Sister Knight who’s a younger mom with a little baby. But she’s AWESOME and they got along great. I’m so happy. After church she said she really liked it and other sisters in the RS introduced themselves and said “We hope to see you again here soon” to which she responded “Oh ya I’m coming back” 🙂 AND get this, as soon as someone in sacrament meeting began talking about family history Tenisha said, “I want to do that” I told her about the family history center we have there at the stake center and she wanted to see it. We went in and grabbed a flyer with the FHC hours and we’re going to work out a time for her to come and do some geneology!We also had an FHE with a member family last night and before the lesson the dad commented on how amazing gospel principles class was that day. Him and his wife were one of the couples we texted to come sit in and they were awesome. He asked who’s idea it was and how we pulled it off and we told him about it and he said “That is what all missionaries should do, it gets us members pumped up about missionary work-that class today was amazing”. AH 🙂 Building trust with the members, helping them catch the wave of missionary work. Ah. I’m so happy. This weekend has been a HUGE highlight of my mission. I want to give the Bloomfield hills 1st ward a gold star for jumping in and helping us fellowship investigators. This is exactly how the work can be hastened as members and missionaries work together. It can work! I know it. 🙂

President, I am so happy. It’s experiences like this that make all of the appointments that fall through, rejection, exhaustion etc. etc. ALL WORTH IT!!! I love being a missionary.

That was the end of my letter to president.
But hey The work is true. I love what I do. It’s for me and you. Because we’re children of God through and through. (just made that up in 5 seconds….)
We’re on week 5 this week -2 more weeks left of this transfer!!!. I hit my 5th month mark tomorrow-woah.  Next month I’ll have been out 1/3 of my mission-weird. Still no word on the visa. I talked to the mission office this week and they said even if my visa didn’t come for another 5 months or something that WHENEVER it does come, I will still go to Brazil. Even if I was there for a couple transfers-that’s reassuring. All those shots weren’t for nothing haha ouchhh 😉
But in all seriousness I’ve really learned a lot since I’ve been out. I’ve thought a lot about the blessings I’ve received from being reassigned to the MDM (Michigan Detroit Mission). All of my MTC district is in Brazil right now and I’m the only one still in the states. I wonder why the Lord is keeping me here not so much as a bad thing but out of curiosity. I’ve been able to see so many blessings that I’ve received from being here in Michigan still. Everyone I talk to seems to pity me because I’m still here and sure, some days, yes, it is really hard to not ask why can’t I just go to Recife already, why is my visa taking so long? But I know that it’s the Lord’s will that matters. I know someday I’ll look back on my mission as a whole and say “yes I needed to be in Detroit for __ months, if I would’ve left sooner/or was never reassigned there then I wouldn’t have met ____ and______ and_____ or been able to be companions with sister_____and ____ and______ etc. or had that time where _______happened and I learned ________.” And the list goes ON!  I know I’m supposed to be here. I really can’t pin point one specific reason as to why the Lord is having things go this way for me coming to Michigan and staying a while- because frankly, there are too many to count. So just as a disclaimer for everyone;I have loved my mission so far, it has been the greatest experience of my life and I have NEVER been stretched so far as I have now as a full time missionary. I know that everything happens for a reason. And that includes me being here in Michigan-maybe I won’t go to Brazil for another 8 months? Who knows. But each day I know that I’m here to serve Heavenly Father, this is HIS work that I’m taking part in. And whatever part He needs me to play (whether it’s in Michigan or In Recife) I’m going to play it with my whole heart and soul. I’ve given everything I can so far and I will continue to. Satan is real and would love to bring me down, I’ve had times where I can feel the weight of his tempations to fall so strongly but the Lord lifts and strengthens me time and time again;through scripture study, and prayer, through my companions, the investigators I’m teaching, the members we serve with, my mission president and all of the other tender mercies I’ve seen daily these last 5 months. I’ve never worked so hard in my life for so long. He’s been with me evey step of the way. And I know He is with all of us. This life would impossible if it were not so.
I love you all and I’m doing well. Know that. It’s still hard but there’s nothing more comforting than knowing I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what the Lord wants me to be doing. That being said I send this with LOTS OF LOVE AND HAPPY VIBES FROM MICHIGAN 🙂
Sister McCleve
Ps here are pics from Green Field Village. We rode home in Sister Mayo’s jeep with the top down. Enjoy the TR’s Sister Merrill and I have to offer 😉

Green Field Village

Green Field Village

Green Field Village

Green Field Village

Green Field Village

Green Field Village

Sister Mayo's jeep with the top down. Enjoy the TR's Sister Merrill and I have to offer ;)

Sister Mayo’s jeep with the top down. Enjoy the TR’s Sister Merrill and I have to offer 😉


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