Livonia, MI; July 22, 2013

Hey family!
This week is kind of a blur. lets see Tuesday we got taken out to olive garden by a woman that works at the senior center that we do service for every other week or so. She loves us. She’s in charge of all the activities that go on there at the senior center. She’s Lutheran and although she’s very strong in her faith she did want us to teach her more about we believe. So of course we planned on just meeting at her house or the church and having a lesson but no no she wanted to take us out for dinner haha. Did I feel spoiled? yes. We gave her the restoration lesson and when we gave her a book of Mormon she said “Oh can I keep this?… \I was hoping you’d give me one” haha. She is going to read and pray about it. Her son is a pastor and when he found out she met with us he went over and had a chat with her for a couple hours she told us later on in the week. She didn’t seemed swayed though, she’s going to come to the mission fireside that we have this Thursday night. We’re trying to invite everyone we meet with this week. Hopefully they’ll all come.
We had another lesson with Dan the non-believer guy that we taught the Plan of salvation to with leaves and pinecones ūüôā¬†Amazingly enough he said coming into this return¬†appointment he’d been having a rough couple days. And after we taught him the restoration and had a great discussion he told us how much better he already felt ūüôā He continues to say “now although I can’t say I fully believe all this…but it really does make sense” and he told us how he was expecting something different by meeting with us for a 2nd time. Like that we were going to go off on him about how he needs to be saved and that he has to accept and believe this all right here right now like he’s experienced in the past. And once we finished the lesson he smiled pleasantly saying “Ya know, this wasn’t what I expected from you ladies, I like this”. We continued to tell him that as missionaries we are here to INVITE. To teach and Invite and it’s up to whomever to decide if they want to accept these things or not. We all have the gift of agency, the ability to choose. I am so grateful for that gift that enables us to make our own decisions and learn from our own experiences by the choices we make everyday. He said he would read the book of Mormon. Not sure if he’d be willing to pray since his belief in God isn’t really there so we’ll see¬†how he’s doing when we meet with him again this week.
Other investigators sadly seem to be in and out of¬†contact-oh the life of a missionary. It goes back to agency haha people have the choice to not be at there house when we show up to¬†meet with them again, or to not text/call us back when we do etc. It can be so frustrating knowing that people probably weren’t interested to begin with and yet they¬†tell us to come back or to call etc. I guess because we’re sisters people have a hard time telling us no to our face ūüėȬ†Anyways just something that everyone about to leave on a mission should prepare for. However we are looking for those that will be open and ready to hear this message so at least we can know that we extended that invitation and that some mssioonaries later on will again ūüôā No one gets left behind. Speaking of getting left behind…
We went contacting this week at the founders festival in Farmington (in our area). lots of vendors and shops set up. We¬†were talking around talking to¬†people and I ran into Matt and starting talking with him. He is super nice! 18, just graduated,¬†he grew up in a Christian orthodox church but he was really excited as we told him about the¬†Book Of Mormon. He wants us to bring him a copy and to teach him more about it, and his parents might want to listen too. He also wants to come to our district work outs (we do them every other Friday at 5:45 am at the park) and play volleyball/ultimate Frisbee with us.¬†He had¬†such a light about him, I felt so much love for him as we talked and I knew that I was supposed to meet him that day. I don’t know what’ll happen this week with him but hopefully I’ll have a¬†neat story to tell next week!¬†While I was¬†talking with Matt¬† Sister Tafua ran into a woman who quickly pointed out that we were Mormon Missionaries and basically started telling us what we believe. She was pretty rude to sister Tafua and by the time matt walked away after we talked and I turned around sister Tafua looked like she was about to start sobbing or sock this woman in the face hahaha. I’ve come to find that people like this¬†woman are those that¬†just want to argue and not really want to have their questions about our faith answered. As representatives of Jesus Christ we are not here to argue with people. We are here to teach and invite and if they do have an open heart and SINCERE desire to know of the things we teach them. the Lord will answer their prayers ūüôā
AH I have to go sorry! Here’s a couple pics from this week! xoxo
Sister McCleve
Brazil Street sign in MI

Brazil Street sign in MI

On exchanges

On exchanges

At the Festival

At the Festival


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