Bloomfield, MI—July 30, 2013

Hi family I am officially in my new area in my trio in Bloomfield MI. It’s awesome, I’m so excited to be here! Mitt Romney’s brother (scott romney) is our ward mission leader. His wife took us out to lunch today haha so rad huh?. My 2 companions are awesome, I am SO BLESSED. We are in charge of 2 wards, a YSA branch and a family ward. Only with us as the set of missionaries in there-CRAZY. So much to do but it’s awesome.
 Anyways love you guys have to go. Pray for me to think clearly haha Senior companion coming into a new area LEADING a trio is crazy. But the Lords built me up for this. You’ll hear from me on p-day 🙂 xoxo
My new address is 1868 Kirts Blvd #203
Troy, MI 48084
and remember you can still send things to the mission office but it takes longer to get to me : 33505 State St. Ste. #101 Farmington, MI
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! ps. I’ve been out 4 months as of 7/27/13 CRAZY
Sister Merrill and Sister Lundgren!

Sister Merrill and Sister Lundgren!


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