Livonia, MI–July 1, 2013

Oiiii to my amazing family!

so much happened this week where to start!

Okay so tuesday we did service at the senior center for their wild west day. I saw that we had a senior center and thought we could come and offer service. I guess previous missionaries had never done that so they were thrilled to have us. Pretty fun talking with old people, they’re so cute. Except when you knock on their doors when tracting-not so nice/cute anymore haha.

Lets see we did A LOT of tracting this week. One day consisted of tracting in a thunderstorm. It had been fine and then it just started pooring. Didn’t have our umbrellas with us (left them in the car) and so we had to run back and by that point we just figured we were soaked anyways so we’ll just keep going. No one let us in and/or wanted to listen to us even though we were sopping wet girls coming to talk about a message of happiness haha. BUtttt it was still fun, I’ll attach a picture AFTER we got an umbrella (didn’t help much since we were already soaked).

This week President Holmes and Sister Holmes went home 😦 we saw them on their last day since the mission home is in our area. They are amazing, sad to see them leave but now we have a new mission president Gerber! We met him and his wife the other night and Sister Gerber actually went out finding with us her 2nd night in Michigan. Pretty cool. I hope I get to be a mission president’s wife someday-that would be SWEET. Anyways, she was so cute and really had some nice things to say as we knocked doors and people listened. We actually found…a family! Now we don’t have solid return appointment with them but we talked and they said we could come by anytime and gave us their number. They were talking about their beliefs, agency, having a purpose here on earth, the reality of the adversary and His temptations etc. and we just kept grinning and nodding saying “yes, we believe that too”. So hopefully we’ll get to teach them this week! Amy and Scott are the parents 🙂 young family. Kind of wild haha but they’re nice people. Found a 21 year old named Devon who we’re meeting with tomorrow. Really excited for that, he was pretty receptive.

We also went finding yesterday with a recent convert sister Morris and we found another new investigator named jose-SUPER nice guy. We’re meeting with him on sunday, he works a lot. Excited for that too. We find a lot of people but no one follows through, so as of this point we have no progressing investigators. Sister Tafua and I continue to work hard and to have faith though. The Lord has people that He needs us to help come unto Christ.

On the other hand, we’ve been getting to know the members. Our new Ward Mission Leader is awesome, he’s from England. Dad, I think he knows the Wigglesworths-Brother Gough, young guy in his 30’s anyways maybe steve or even nathan knows him? ANYWAYS We’ve been doing a ton of lessons/fhe’s with members and helping them become more converted to the gospel. And extending missionary challenges 🙂 Which i’m going to extend to you ALL who read this email 🙂 yes besides my immediate family haha.

This week give out a card! To someone! Anyone who is not of our faith. Invite them to check out the website and to look at the “Beliefs” or “FAQ” sections to learn more about what we believe.

We’ve been asking families to do that and then following up with them to hear their stories. Missionary work can be fun and easy! As easy as handing out a card with smiling faces on it 🙂

I will be wanting soem emails or letters with stories of your cool experiences!

We’re visiting a Less active family tonight who haven’t been in a lonnnnnng time. They don’t ever let missionaries come teach them but they said us sisters could come back so we’re really hoping they’ll be home!


This week we brought a Less active with us to a baptism that our room mate companions had (sister Sirstens and Cutler-we live with them). She said she felt chills as Hanna (the girl who got baptized) was baptized. SO COOL! We might be going with her this week to a singles ward bbq to help introduce her to friends. Hoping that works out.

We went to a place on saturday called Zingerman’s it was in Ann Arbor where the U of M campus is. Pretty much looked like down town bellingham or seattle. i missed being in a college town haha. Anyways lot’s of sweet stuff inside and I got a way good pastrami sandwich. Loren would be proud. Anyways that was fun. I’ll attach a picture.

All in the all the work is slowly but surely moving a long. We’re getting the foundation set and who knows maybe I’ll be in this ward ANOTHER transfer and we’ll get to see some baptisms. I know that there are people who need this message of the gospel in their life. Well, everyone does. But people that are ready and prepared now. It is exciting and discouraging at times when we think someone may follow through and they don’t but then we find new people to teach so you just don’t know. You just follow the spirit and be obedient and know that the Lord is HASTENING HIS work. 🙂 We’re in that hastening. Sweet. I continue to learn more every day as I try to train and yet am still learning to be a missionary myself. I’ve only been out 8 weeks for pete’s sake haha. It’s been great though and humbling. The Lord trusts me and I am doing everything in my power to prove to Him that He can trust me. Sister kenz 🙂 I love this gospel. IT IS TRUE! I love the book of Mormon. Studies are wonderfulllll I learn so much everyday. I love it when people we talk to bring up a subject or a thought and I can say “Hey there’s actually a scripture that mentions what you just said or what you believe,here in the Book of Mormon” 🙂 It makes me so happy. I love it. Then When I get to Brazil someday I’ll just have to translate everything I’m saying to portuguese haha oh boy, oh well. It will come.

Love you all,

The Trainer in Training (or so it feels like haha)

Sister McCleve

thunderstorm tracting with minha companheira!

thunderstorm tracting with minha companheira!

New mission president and wife. I don't think he was paying attention ahah woops. AWESOME people! Love the Gerbers (no they're not related to the gerber baby...although he showed us a gerber baby faceof his own-hilarious)

New mission president and wife. I don’t think he was paying attention ahah woops. AWESOME people! Love the Gerbers (no they’re not related to the gerber baby…although he showed us a gerber baby faceof his own-hilarious)

The 4 roommates/sister missionaries

The 4 roommates/sister missionaries


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