Livonia, MI–June, 19, 2013

Hi family!

I have been transferred to the livonia west area in michigan. It’s the same ward as the Mission home and the AP’s (the ward is split into 3 areas). So our district is awesome. I have a new companion Sister Tafua from hawaii she’s 21 and a go getter! Love her! We are replacing the office elders spot (i dont know how they worked that) but we have no investigators. We have a few less actives and the AP’s are giving us dinner appointments to meet members EVERY night! So we’re going to get to know the ward real quick. They haven’t had sisters in this ward for several years now so we’re excited to be there.

Anyways I have to go but here’s my new address (we live outside our area-we’re sharing an apt. with another companionship in our district. 4 sisters in 1 apt. WOO!)

if anyone’s written me lately it might take a bit for me to get those letters since Sister thompson (my old comp.) will need to forward them here.

I am so stressed haha training/white washing is CRAZY. But I am so blessed and I feel EXTREMELY humbled that the lord trusts me enough to do this. president said this is an experiment putting sisters in the ward to get the members more involved with missionary work. More specifically getting them to be more converted and as missionaries we can help teach them too. We;re going to be doing FHE’s in member homes teaching from PMG. Again…this is an experiment and also to build more trust between members and missionaries. Besides dinner appts. with members we will be TRACTING A LOT this transfer! Pray for me please to go forth with faith to find and baptize!


You’ll hear from me again on p-day 🙂 not sure what time we’ll email but until then I LOVE YOU ALL! I”M SO EXCITED AND HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!!!!! The Lord has blessed me and although I am so beyond stressed it is going to be awesome and the growth is happening.

There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone-some missionary.


Sister Kooge


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