12th Letter–Grand Blanc (will transfer tommorrow)–June 17, 2013

We went to a member's house for dinner and her bathroom totally looks like G'pa & G'ma McCleves in the 2 story. HAHA So rad!

We went to a member’s house for dinner and her bathroom totally looks like G’pa & G’ma McCleves in the 2 story. HAHA So rad!

Pretty sunset on the way home from exchanges

Pretty sunset on the way home from exchanges

With the other visa waiters at the new missionary training meeting. All 4 of us are staying this next transfer except for Sister Remy- she flies to Sao Paulo tonight!!

With the other visa waiters at the new missionary training meeting. All 4 of us are staying this next transfer except for Sister Remy- she flies to Sao Paulo tonight!!

Mission Conference-we went outside to bury "weapons of war" and sang "How Firm a Foundation." That's President and Sister Holmes you see :) LOVE THEM! They're going home after 3 years of service.

Mission Conference-we went outside to bury “weapons of war” and sang “How Firm a Foundation.” That’s President and Sister Holmes you see 🙂 LOVE THEM! They’re going home after 3 years of service.

Hey fam bam!

This week was crazy!!! We had so much going on!
Okay so tuesday we had a new missionary training meeting which was awesome! Basically just recapping what we’ve learned over the last 6 weeks of being missionaries. President and Sister Holmes gave some great insights about the importance of the gospel cycle. Continuing to exercise faith, always repenting and striving to be better, renewing our covenants (promises) we make with the Lord as we partake of the sacrament each week at church, being guided by as we qualify for the holy ghost, and enduring to the end which requires faith etc. It’s an upward spiral staircase (like the one in our house now!).
We had 2 awesome lessons with one of our investigators this week. Debbie. She is getting baptized this saturday. She’s given up coffee and is working on smoking. She told us this awesome story how as soon as she started wanting to live the Word of Wisdom that as she prayed she knew God helped her. For example, she wanting to go from smoking a pack a day to 1/2 and she said that she would go to smoke and the cigarette tasted nasty. She threw that one away and grabbed another one from the pack…same thing happened. So she decided well I just won’t smoke today then. This was the same brand she’s been using for years too! MIRACLE! She hasn’t bought anymore either. Ah I’m so proud and happy for her. She loved the Word Of Wisdom because she’s been wanting to quit smoking for so long. And she has seen SO many blessings from weening herself off of coffee already.  🙂 It has brought me so much
happiness to her progress and to see how happy SHE is. She is doing so well! She has so much faith and is so inspiring.
I’ve been reflecting A LOT on my experience here in Michigan thus far and I truly have been blessed to come here and I KNOW that the Lord needed me to come here. It was really really hard to see that first arriving. But as I tried to swallow my pride and desires and submit myself to Him-the miracles became more evident and my heart is full of gratitude.
This saturday was a mission conference/special intstruction. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 came along with Elder Seldon, Elder Vanecuela, Elder Maynes of the Seventy and Elder Davies in the presiding bishopric. They were down for a special priesthood leadership training for 10 stakes and we were lucky enough to be able to hear from them for 2 hours before their meeting began later that day. The whole mission was there and we got to hear from each one of them. INCREDIBLE. We got to shake their hands too, I told elder Christofferson I was from bellingham and he’s like “Oooh way up north eh? that’s wonderful” and he patted my elbow 🙂 hehe I was happy. They each spoke a lot about our identity as children of our Heavenly Father and as missionaries we have that authority given to us to be representatives of Jesus Christ. We should never doubt ourselves but remember who’s church we’re emissaries for-Christ’s church. And even if people choose not to believe or accept what we have to share, that we open our mouths and invite all to come unto Christ. 2nd Nephi 25:26-is what comes to my mind when thinking of that.
Anyways Elder Christoffereson then opened up the last 30 minutes for a Q & A. Also great. He’d let the other elders come up and share what insights they had to questions
I loved that they kept bringing it back to the Book of Mormon. That is the fundamental part right there. As we come to read, ponder,
and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true SINCERELY wanting to know….guess what? We WILL receive an answer that it is true.
Our perspective becomes broad and clear as we come to know the gospel is true and that it’s been restored to the earth through a prophet
of God. 🙂 It’s so simple. Read the book. So many people we talk to every day that see we’re missionaries say “Oh ya I know about you 
mormons, I have a friend that’s mormon, I know about the book of mormon” and every time we follow up and ask if they’ve ever read the book
of Mormon. Almost always the answer is the same. No. It’s logical to me to think if you really want to know about something
then go and study it, ask people about it, read the material!…This is the same with the book of Mormon. I guess people for whatever
reason are scared of what could happen if they do like a secret…little do they know that it would be nothing but good. Haha oh the irony of it
all makes me laugh. Anyways great conference, the spirit was so strong and I felt SOOOO edified. 
President and Sister Holmes are leaving us. Their mission is over, the 3 years of serving as a Mission president are up. I came in on their last
transfer. So they gave some last testimonies/words of wisdom for us after the general authorities left. I love President and Sister
Holmes. They are INCREDIBLE people. I am sure all mission presidents are amazing. I feel blessed to know that I will have 4
on my mission. Yes and why might you ask? Because……
I am staying another transfer in Michigan. And the new mission president will be coming in (President Gerber). Then once I get to brazil, my mission president
that’s currently there (President Lanius) will be there a few more months and then be released and a new mission president will come 
in a few months before I go home. Hence the 4 mission presidents-WOAH!
 Now back to me staying in Michigan…President told us visa waiters at the new missionary training on tuesday that
the brazil consulate has now asked that those who are waiting for visa’s
will leave at the end of a transfer regardless of when their visa comes in that transfer. So this means I won’t be waiting
day by day wondering if/when it will come. Since it didn’t come last transfer (although 5 missionaries in 
our MTC district got theirs in the last couples weeks) I will be here another 6 weeks. It’ll probably be coming soon since other’s 
are finally starting to come through. But Even if it came tomorrow I am still going to be here 🙂 That’s okay though because the 
Lord needs me here for another purpose…yes He does.
 President came up to me at the mission conference on saturday and told me I would be transferred and not only that…but that I would be training. Haha yes,
I Sister McCleve who’s only been out 6 weeks, who hasn’t even gone through the 12  week training program myself, who
still doesn’t even know anything about the mission/ let alone the state of Michigan will be training her by myself.
I will be training brand new missionary from the MTC that comes in today (monday). And not only that but we will not be in a trio, and so we will
be white-washing. Which means you go into an area brand new. The missionaries that were there previously leave and so you go
and try and pick up where they left off. I haven’t been driving yet assuming I’d be leaving for Brazil any day and now I’m a trainer. 
Needless to say I feel somewhat inadeqaute for this BUT surprisingly as president told me that. I felt peace. It was as if I felt like
I was going to be fine, and although I’m no scriptorian or even know how many zones are in our mission or anything about
this state of michigan….that it’s in the Lord’s hands. And He’s going to help me do this. Because of the increase in sister missionaries
there are a need for more trainers and president said I could do it. He also told me that I would be training this sister so she could be
ready to train after this transfer! CRAZY! 
So…those are just the thoughts running through my head. I know that president said that he was confident I could do this but more importantly
that he felt very strongly that this was a good thing. And it is according to the Lord’s will. So….anyways that’s my update.
I am excited, nervous, but more than anything humbled knowing that the Lord trusts me enough to be able to take on this important
responsibility. I know it’s going to stretch me and president mentioned that but just like 1st nephi 3:7 God will not give us anything
to do without providing a way for that thing to be accomplished. I’m going to train and be trained (again since I haven’t done the training 
program myself yet)  in these next 6 weeks, in a brand new area. The Lord has a plan, and this just goes to show
that we are God’s children. He is perfect and knows all. Isaiah 55:8-9:For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your
ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and
my thoughts than your thoughts. So are thoughts are not His thoughts, and our ways aren’t His ways.
But we can take comfort in knowing that even though we may not understand with our little mortal brains that He still
Loves us and we can trust Him 🙂 So that’s what I’m going to do! I love the Lord.
I’ll send another email once I get to my new area with my new address.
Love you all! Thank you for all your support and love. I’m excited to tell you about this new adventure the Lord 
is sending me on! 
Irma McCleve

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