10th Letter–Grand Blanc (4th letter in field)–June 3, 2013

Heyyy family! This email’s going to be more structured…I’m going to try anyway.

Monday-was our p-day we baled hay at a members house….yes, by hand haha hard work and my allergies were acting up but it was fun. My forearms were crazy sore the next day. We went to a Memorial Day bbq at a members house and one of the daughters there is going to EFY for the first time this summer. Boy was I excited to tell her about that. Ah I love EFY. She’s only been a member for 5 years now too, she’s going to the Kirtland Ohio session-awesome! I’m so excited for her, I think I got her a bit more pumped up about it so that’s good 🙂
Tuesday we had exchanges and they were AWESOME. Sister Jones (who is a sister training leader/aka sister coordinator) came up to grand blanc with us and sister smithson went down to rochester. Sister Jones is awesome! She’s such a go getter and a desire to WORK. Love it. Very inspiring and she was so loving, I want to be like her. Rock solid, puts the Lord first no matter what, done deal 🙂 I like it.
Sooo on the way back from swapping companions tuesday night we were driving in the car…and I heard a high pitched sound coming from outside. I thought it was a brake pad or something and I say to my companions in the front seats “Is that sound coming from the car?” Sister thompson hesitated and then said “Nope, that’s definitely a Tornado siren going off”
Yes people. I had my first tornado warning/alert in real life! We continued to drive back to our apartment. And my eyes remained wide as I looked at the sky and saw the big dark clouds looming over us. We have thunderstorms a lot this time of year so I hadn’t really noticed before. Anyways we got back to the apartment and the sirens became louder and more frequent. We called our district leader and he told us to find a basement and stay away from windows. Well our apartment is on the 2nd floor and we have windows so we called the members that live right next to our complex and they told us to come down and wait out the storm with them in their basement haha. I still couldn’t believe this was really happening. We were there for about an hour. Lightning kept flashing and thunder….a ton of rain and then nothing. The storm passed right over our heads. Literally. On the news were told that 2 streets needed to take immediate shelter and one of them was ours HA!
3 tornadoes touched down that night in our area but luckily no one was hurt. Minor damages from what I’ve heard a few signs and what not.
Anyways so after the big storm passed we went back to our apartment and a couple hours later the sirens went off again then stopped. And the rest of the night we had a giant thunderstorm so loud that the booming thunder woke me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I was terrified. I prayed, A LOT and of course we were fine but I felt like a little kid that night haha my goodness. But fun story right?
Anyways so the rest of the week was pretty normal besides the weather. Michigan weather is very moody. Like a teenage girl to put it simply. It’ll be sunny and clear and warm in the morning. Within an hour huge rain clouds and thunder then it POURS. I love being the junior companion and backing in the rain (missionaries will get this). And then it’s back to sunny and clear within the next hour and everything’s practically dry except for me…. haha oh well just adds more the experience.
We had 2 less actives come to church Sunday that hadn’t come in several months! One of which I was guided by the spirit and I would tell the story but it would take too long. Basically the spirit will totally prompt you to do things that you are unsure of, or uncomfortable with. This week that happened and because I acted on that prompting and really tried to be more persistent rather than just giving up, One of our very less actives came to church and loved it by the way. I am so grateful that I acted on the prompting. I didn’t know that she would for sure come to church, but I know that had I not acted…it’d be the same old weekend routine for her not being there. God uses us as instruments in His hands to help and serve others. It is so fulfilling and joyful. It’s weird to think that what I do all day is serving…but it is.
 As missionaries we have a responsibility to help these people come unto Christ. To receive the blessings that come from living the gospel and to return back to our Father in Heaven. I didn’t come here to take the responsibility lightly, and I hope we all realize how important our message is. If we don’t invite or open our mouths, people will pass by without having an opportunity to hear what we can share with them right now. How we’ve each come to know that the book of mormon is true, and/or how God has restored the fulness (not parts) of His gospel to the earth by a living prophet!  There are so many things we can share. Even something as simple as that we know that the gospel blesses families and they families can be together forever.
Another cool experience with the spirit. We were out finding/tracting and it was almost time to go for curfew and we hadn’t really gotten to talk much with anyone sadly. I continued to pray to be guided as to where we needed to go. I had seen a house earlier and it seemed like we should go there but I thought we’ll get to it if we have time. Again later there was the house and I asked my companions what they thought if we went to it and they both agreed that we should. We went and little did we know a inactive girl lived there. We were able to talk with her and were so surprised to find out that she was a member and her brothers had even served missions.We were able to share a scripture with her as we talked too. Her boyfriend didn’t seem to thrilled to see us on their doorstep but she seemed happy to see us. I think we’ll try and stop by there again. Here again is one of those experiences where a seed is planted, I don’t know what’ll happen with Alex (the girl) but I knew God led us to knock on her door that night for whatever reason He had. I’m grateful to be apart of this work.
I love you all. Little miracles happen every day out here as they do with all of us. I know that as we strive to exercise faith and align our will with God’s we will be blessed. It’s easy to ask for our circumstances to be changed but through God we can change our circumstances- I know this is true. 🙂 I hope you all remember that through hard times.
The work is sweet.
Sister McCleve

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