8th letter–Grand Blanc, MI–May 20, 2013

Hi fam fam. I love you guys, so much. Seriously, SO MUCH. I love it when I talk to someone or see something that reminds me of one of you and one of your “life lessons” taught to me. It brings a smile to my face. I’ve been raised in a wonderful family surrounded by amazing people. And that includes our extended family by the way!

This week has been pretty grand…in Grand Blanc. Ha didn’t catch that until I started writing it out-funny. We have an investigator getting baptized this Saturday his name is Jim! We’re so excited for him. He’s excited too although he doesn’t really show it (he’s really soft spoken) but has a dry sense of humor that I love haha. I’ll send pictures next monday. It’ll be awesome! Okay we found 6 new investigators this week. I want to tell you about an experience we had with finding 3 of them.
We were driving to stop by a less active’s home and it had been a very long and tiresome day. I normally sit in the back seat and I always gaze out the window as we drive to different appointments since everything is so spread out here. As usual I found myself in awe of the beauty that fills this area, no joke. I feel like I’m in heaven sometimes-it’s that majestic. The beautiful green grass that rolls and the blossoms of pink and white that fill the trees, the tulips, ponds etc. It just reminds me of being in a dream sometimes, this time of year is apparently the best time of year in Michigan. Starting in June/July everything turns more yellow and gets dried out as the heat sets in. To me it feels like summer in WA now but to the Michiganders it’s basically spring.
ANYWAYS (sorry just wanted to give you guys a visual) I looked out the window as we passed a middle school and saw 3 guys playing basketball. From a distance they looked about our age give or take a few years. The thought occurred to me to pull off and talk to them. We continued to drive a couple minutes and my companions (who drive and navigate) realized that we had the wrong address for our stop by appointment. As we turned around and headed back the other direction going back by the school I told my companions to pull off at the school so we could talk to these 3 men. We did and I became slightly nervous but I knew that there was a reason why I felt prompted.
We parked nearby them, got out and began walking towards them. They stopped and stared so I waved hoping that they’d realize that yes, us girls were walking to them (since there wasn’t anyone else around). I didn’t know what I was going to say and I think my companions were just as curious as I was. But then before we knew it we were having a conversation with them. Got to know them a little bit and they asked us about what we were doing there. We talked to them about the Restoration of the Gospel and they said they’d want to meet with us again to be taught more. They gave us their name and numbers without any hesitation. We invited them to basketball tuesday night and they were really excited to come. One of them had actually been to our stake center and played church ball there a few times a couple years back. He remembered the missionaries too but had never really asked them what they were all about.
Sure this isn’t one of those “Ensign” magazine crazy/miraculous stories. But I know that the Holy Ghost is real and that He helps us and guides us to make decisions that God wants. This is the Lord’s work, it is Christ’s church. He is the head of it and that is why we are lead to people everyday. Because Heavenly Father wants ALL, not just some but ALL of His children to return back to Him. I don’t know what’s going to happen with these 3 fellows. But a seed has been planted and I know that their hearts are open to  e taught what they’ve yearned to be taught all this time. I am an instrument in God’s hands, relying on Him and His will as best I can to be obedient. Time and time again I see the blessings that come from keeping His commandments and putting Him first. Everything else just falls into place. It’s amazing.
Just to summarize the week
Tuesday we had a specialized training meeting with our zone and another. It was fantastic- SO insightful and I learned so much. More effective study habits, planning etc. You’ve got to take it back to the basics and each day can be SO awesome if you prepare well!
Wednesday and thursday visited with a lot of less actives and recent converts. We’re still trying to get to know everyone around here. We did service by weeding for 2 hours (I know that would make mom smile) in a ward members yard. He had a stroke and is in a wheelchair but He loves flowers so we have been tending to his garden each week. I’m getting a green thumb a little bit!
 Friday we committed one of our other investigators to be baptized! She grew up baptist but has felt that something was missing and as we taught her the Plan of Salvation she kept saying “this makes sense,this totally makes sense”.
Sunday only one of our investigators came to church but 2 less actives came! I totally know what it’s like as a missionary now to invite a TON of people to church. And then have only 1 or 2 come 😦 but that’s okay! We’re not going to quit.
Anyways I have to go! But I love you all! And thank you for your letters! I received a few this week from friends and family! thank you!
I love this work. I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity God has given me to be apart of it.
Sister McCleve
11301 Grand Oak Drive Apt #10
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

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