7th Letter–Grand Blanc, MI–May 13, 2013

Hi family!

Yes I’ve been reassigned to the Detroit Michigan Mission. So here I am. I have no idea how long I’ll stay here, I think at least 1 transfer (6 weeks). But president said as soon as my visa comes through I’ll be off to Brazil within a few days so we’ll see. But hey! Happy belated mothers day. It was sooooooo good to talk to all of you yesterday. You have no idea how wonderful it was to hear your voices. I love you all so much. I have the best family, your support, prayers, and encouraging words have strengthened me so much. THank you!
So to recap: we left the MTC monday (a week ago now) morning at 3:00 am. Our district has been split. 5 of us (My trio companionship, and then Elder’s Hoyt & Blanchard) got reassigned to michigan detroit mission, Elder’s Hendrickson, Hanna and Dean got reassigned to Spokane WA (haha), Elder Ryan only to Oakland California (all by himself) and then the other two sisters Dana & Butler got reassigned to Pittsburgh. So sad. I miss them all so much but it’s okay! The Lord has called us to these other places for a time. It’s exciting,unexpected but exciting.
SO we hopped on a huge bus and headed to the airport. Checking in took too long along with security so we missed our flight. Luckily we were able to get on another one so we still made it to our other connecting flight. So stressful when you don’t have a cell phone handy in times of an emergency haha but people are nice and let us use theirs 🙂
We arrived in Michigan and went to the mission home to meet the president and his wife-President and Sister Holmes. SO awesome I love them. I think they’ll send home a picture that they took with me (that’s what my companion told me) so you can see what they look like and how awesome I look since I had been traveling since 3:00 am-model shot for sure. HA.
We had dinner and interviews with the president and it was wonderful. He made me feel so loved and kept saying that me coming there was an answer to their prayers. Clearly the Lord needs me here for many reasons that I don’t know but I’m here to serve.
After dinner we got picked up by some sister missionaries and went out proselyting. I went tracting haha. My new temporary companion asked ” so what’s your experiences with door approaches?” And I responded “Do you really want to know?” she gave me a puzzled look and I continued; “I sold pest control for a summer job, knocked doors for 60 hours a week roughly…” She laughed and said “well this will be a sitch then”. It was very different from sales though, obviously because we’re not selling anything. We talked to a few people about their religious backgrounds (all black women answered the door). They’re so funny. I love black people. ANYWAYS it was a good first time proselyting experience.
The next day we went to our transfer/new missionary meeting and I met my new companions. I’m in another trio-yes. Sis. Smithson has been out 6 weeks and Sis.Thompson goes home in 2 transfers. We then found out our new areas (even though the whole state of Michigan is new to me haha). We were assigned to the Grand Blanc area. There are 4 other elders there so we have a district of 9 because we have senior missionaries in our area too woo!
And that’s where I’ve been the last week. It’s a small town a lot like ferndale. 1 1/2 hrs away from the city so it’s SAFE. Yes I am alive and well. We have a lot of investigators, recent converts, less actives and ward members that we’re trying to get to know since none of us have ever been here. Pretty overwhelming but there is a truth that I’ve really learned since I’ve been serving a mission. And that is growth cannot come in your comfort zone. Example: I was terrified going into the MTC, so many feelings of inadequacy and anxiety filled me. 6 weeks later I felt completely different, and I didn’t realize how special that place was until I got on that bus and drove away to the airport. And so here I am in a new state, new ward, new pesquisadores (investigators), new compainheras, apartment etc. and I’m getting thrown into it. I know that the Lord doesn’t call the qualified, but He qualifies the called.
I love the work that I get to be apart of, to invite people to come unto Christ. I love seeing the faith of people of all walks of life. We talk to people everyday with different religious backgrounds (if any) and I admire the love these people have for God. It inspires me.
We talked to cute black lady (Niki) in rite aid the other day and talked to her about the restoration and the plan of salvation and she told us. “Ya know, I love my church, but you sisters have a spirit about you…I donno what but it’s something special and I’ll tell you I’d go to your church anytime just because of what I feel”.
I know that the gospel brings light into people lives, I know that’s what Niki felt as we shared a little bit of that truth with her. I know that other religions have truth to them but the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth through a prophet. And we have a modern, living prophet today just like Abraham, Moses, Noah etc. He is a mouth piece for God to guide the people in these Latter Days. I’m so grateful for Him-President Thomas S. Monson. General conference is amazing and I love how we get to hear from these apostles and other church leaders that are inspired by God.
The work is sweet.
Sister McCleve

2 options to “snail mail” Sister McCleve:

Sister Mackenzie McCleve
c/o the Detroit Michigan Mission
33505 State St
Farmington, MI 48335
or her physical address:
11301 Grand Oak Drive
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
She would love to hear from you.  She prefers letters vs email.  That way she can read the letters as they arrive.  With email she’s only allowed to check it once a week and usually doesn’t have the ability to print it up.
Thank-you for all of your love, support and prayers for Kenzie.  We were able to talk to her yesterday.  She talked non-stop about the amazing experiences she is having… hard but she wouldn’t trade it in for anything.
My MTC Comp and two sisters trackng our first night in MI.

My MTC Comp and two sisters trackng our first night in MI.

I'm in a threesome again.  First companons in MI.

I’m in a threesome again. First companons in MI.

Non-members playing Basketball at the church.  Shared verses from scripture and then played BB.  So much fun.

Non-members playing Basketball at the church. Shared verses from scripture and then played BB. So much fun.

I played with a bunch of street baller's.  Ha ha. They're awesome. So much Fun!!

I played with a bunch of street baller’s. Ha ha. They’re awesome. So much Fun!!


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