1st Letter—MTC— 27 March, 2013

1st Letter!  Wahoo!                                      3/27/13




Hello! Oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m already writing you guys my first letter home!  Today has been nuts.  And that is no exaggeration  whatsoever.  But don’t fret, it’s a good nuts.  The MTC is…busy, very very very busy and you know why?  Because this is the Lord’s work and there are things to be learned and shared!


Today felt like a dream.  It still does, I keep thinking that I’m in a dream and that tomorrow I’ll wake up from it all.  I love it here, I know it’s where I’m supposed to be.  It’s a lot more organized than I expected.  Kind of reminds me of EFY in a way, like orientation day when ALL the kids come and us counselors were beyond busy, ha ha good times.  I sometimes feel like I’ m a counselor again, just at random moments. 


Anyways I’m hand writing this letter because my P-day (preparation-day) is on Friday here at the MTC (so you’ll get my 1st e-mail, next Friday! and pics hopefully!).  However, we don’t get to email this P-day (so the 29th) just because.  So this is my letter to let you all know that I’m happy, safe, and very confident in knowing that this is where the Lord wants me.


There are a lot of things I’m adjusting to, like calling men “Elders” and girls “Sisters” even if I know them.  I’ve seen Sam King, Jessie Wengert and Sean Escobar.  I actually shouted his name super loud “Sean!” and then he whirled around both surprised and I think horrified ha ha.  So I’m getting better with missionary titles.



My district is awesome, there are 14 of us…I think and it seems that many of us are soccer players-cool.  We sisters (5 of us) all bonded instantly as if we’ve been friends forever,  I already feel so blessed because we all get along great and they’re all so solid in the gospel-it’s sweet!  My companion is Sister Orr from Draper, Utah and she’s so funny.  Kinda spazzy (gets distracted easily ha ha) but has a sweet testimony of the Savior.  She snorts when she laughs too ha ha and she knows soooo many missionaries here because she’s a local.


Today we had orientation and class time where my teacher was just rollin’ out the Portuguese.  I’m glad I took French because there are definitely similarities between the Latin based languages.  We start teaching tomorrow in Portuguese!  Crazy but I know if I work my tail off and focus on my purpose, the Lord will help me.  As we open our mouths they will be filled.  So true. 


Anyways guys, don’t worry about me.  I’m so glad and grateful to be here.  I know that here is so much the Lord wants to use me for and to teach me.  I’m realizing more and more that I am just an instrument in His hands.  I love this gospel and I love being a missionary already 🙂


I love you all and I look forward to sharing more about my experience here next Friday.  This is the Lord’s work, I know He’s hastening it too, there are people that are waiting to hear the “good news.”  And I get the incredible opportunity to share that.


Eu te amo!


Sister McCleve


PS Chette I just need addresses for the thank-you cards so I can send them off. Por favor, obrigada!

PPS Still no word on the visa 😦

PPPS If you want to type this letter up and post it in my blog that would be great thanks!


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